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NE Portland Mamas Group

Are you a new mama living in NE Portland?  Wanna meet other mamas?  Looks like Sarah's starting a playgroup in her 'hood:

I am starting up a new mama group! I am the only one with a babe in my friend group and need to build a mama community. Having been entirely unsuccessful at finding a group to join that I didn't have to pay for (totally lame!) I have decided I can make my own. I'm hoping to find mamas with similar-ish age babies (0 - 1yr) to chat, vent, learn from one another and have some fun too. The first meeting will be at Extracto (that new coffee shop on Killingsworth at 30th, they seem quite friendly) on the first tuesday of June at 2:30, bring your babies (of course). We can figure out then where, when, and how often to meet. If you want to be part, but can't make that time, feel free to e-mail me (sarah@steelheadrealty.com).


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Rowan and I will be there with bells on! Can't wait to see Clyde again. He's addictive.

Hi- I haven't had my baby yet, but I'm in the same boat as far as none of our friend group having babies (yet). I know mine will be too little for playground for a while, but I live in NE and would love to join at the end of the summer! My baby will be here in just over a month.

I'd love to join. My son Luke is 5 1/2 weeks old and we live right near Irving Park in NE. Thanks!

Sounds great! Thomas, my 4 1/2 week old and I would love to join too. We're in NE not too far from the new Pix.

This is a great idea! I have always wondered if it would be weird to bring my 91/2 wk. old to play groups with much older babes, so I haven't. I am looking forward to bringing Mia in June.

Rowan and Clyde will be the "old folks" in the bunch at 20 weeks! How funny. I wonder if the people at Pix would mind a few babies and their hungry mothers hanging around? Maybe next time...

So excited to see so many mamas to be attending! Meg, congratulations, I wish you well in your birth! You are welcome to come before your babe arrives to meet us, why not have a little support community already in place?!

I think that Pix would be an excellent place for mamas to gather, let's see: sweet things, check, fun beverages, check, nibbly bits, check.

Hi everyone, my baby just turned 1, but I have been desperately looking for a mama's group. Does anyone know if Extracto would be an okay place for a more mobile baby? Thanks

Hi everyone. My baby just turned 10 months but I would still love meet all of you. Elaine, maybe our babies can play together.
Thanks Sarah for organizing. See you next week! ( I will probably be a little late since that's when Scout usually sleeps)

I've peeked inside Extracto (it's near Milagros..) and it looks like there's room for the mobile set. Plus, they serve Stumptown. Good stuff! Have fun ~

I'm just following Norana, really, but my soon-to-be 3 month-old and I will try to join in! I've been wanting the same thing - a playgroup in my 'hood. And when you mention Stumptown, well, I'm a total sucker. See you then!

Hi, everyone. I have a one-year-old (well, 13-month old today!) and am also looking for a mama's group. Unfortunately 2:30 is right in the middle of her nap time, but maybe we could join you at a later date. If any other moms of 1-ish-year-olds want to meet up some time, feel free to email me!

Are you considering meeting at different locations or always at Extracto? If were in the NE hood, what about Tour de Crepes on Alberta? Plenty of mama space there too & the owner IS a mom so it would be great to support her. I'm sure she would be especially welcoming to a crew of new babes.

finley and i will be there! can't wait to see all of the new babes! thanks for organizing.

A few of us have started an informal playgroup and try to meet on Tuesdays. Today, May 30, some of us are meeting at Laurelhurst Park at 9:30 am. We're meeting by the playground structure that you can access from SE Stark or SE Oak at around SE 38th Avenue.

Kids ages run the gamut from two months to almost 3 years, with a bunch of toddlers in between (18 months or so).

We're spread around the Portland area and have met at various places including the zoo, peanut butter and ellies, my house in SE, another urbanmamas house in Nopo, etc.

Feel free to join us today!

Is this mamas group still active? If so is there room for one more? I have a almost 7 month old baby boy and we need to meet some other families.

We just moved to the NE area from San Francisco. Would love to meet some moms and kids. Are you guys still meeting up?

Sarah, H Thayer (since your posts are the most recent ;-)and other Mamas, I don't know about the group but I'd love to meet up. Have a 17mth old daughter and live in NE. Feel free to email me at verma_richa2003@yahoo.com
Stay dry..and warm :-)

I was thinking of catching the matinee at Kennedy School tomorrow.

I live on the edge of N/NE and have an almost 6 month old daughter. I'd love to get out and meet some other mamas. Please email me and we can connect. casey.newman@gmail.com

Hi - does this group still meet up? We just moved here a few months ago from Seattle and have a 3 year old boy. Would love to meet more kids & moms in the 'hood.

Hi - I have a just turned 2 year old son and would be intererested in meeting other mommas and kids if this group is still active. narpdx at yahoo.com

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