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mother's day crafty wonderland

It was so fun to see so many mamas, papas and babies out today at our urbanMamas family day! And thanks to Shetha's hard work, I'm wearing my urbanMamas tee now. Like the weather, they're hot.

Sewing I know we already mentioned it, but I'm going to put in a second plug for Crafty Wonderland at Doug Fir tomorrow! It will be my first time to the hippest of LoBu hip spots -- and I'll be helping sell a wide range of fun, silly and useful things Larissa and I have been sewing these past few weeks. If you don't come to buy, send someone else. I'm going to have a few My Tie slings, lots of little arty fabric toys (great for teethers, Truman tells me), Larissa's cool quilty tee concept (currently my fave project), and lots of truly adorable bonnets. Oh! Plus our friend Kim's hand-dyed yarn (it's really, really fantastic, Larissa and I are trying to keep ourselves from buying it) and some knitting patterns.

We'd love to see you.


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I wanted to come to this SO bad! Being that it was Mother's Day and my MIL was visiting from out of town, I couldn't get away. How was it??

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