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Cycling Playgroup

Thanks Jackie for the heads-up on a FUN event:

The Bike Gallery on SE Woodstock (at SE 43rd) hosts a cycling playgroup on the last Friday morning of each month throughout the summer for moms, dads and tots.  Bring your little one, bicycle, and trailer or extra seat to take a short bike ride to the park and for coffee.  Meet at 10 AM.
Join them tomorrow if you can!  The shop manager brings along his 2-year old for the ride.


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This sounds SO fun!!! too bad I have a ton of work and a billion other things to do first. Maybe if I get a free friday I can participate...

This sounds wonderful. I've been bugging (ok, maybe more like nagging) my husband to start something like this for cycling dads - but whole families are good, too! So they will be there next month!

this sounds great! i hope they're still doing it when calvin is old enough to go in the trailer. and i wish it was on a weekend so that my husband could go 'cos he's love to do this with milo.

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