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Tour De Crepes - On Alberta

Thanks Shari for the scoop on another kid-friendly find.  We're so excited to try this place out!  Read on mamas:

Mention has been made of the new crepes place on Alberta and I cannot give it a more rousing endorsement or bigger thumbs-up. Many of you have previously met the owner, Brenda (www.tourdecrepes.com): formerly the manager at Urbangrind (NE location), which was super kid-friendly under her benevolent, mama-wise management.

Her new place is Tour de Crepes at 2921 N.E. Alberta. I believe the hours are 9 to 9, Thursday through Sunday. Brenda is da bomb, she loves kids and mamas and will do anything she can to make your experience a great one, and on top of all that her crepes and other French goodies totally rock. I believe there are also meet-ups (and possibly classes) in the works for the rest of the week (Monday through Wednesday; I'm not sure when those will begin). The food is fabulous and, yes, there are a couple of sandboxes that the kids totally love. You get your food out back and then eat either in the funky building, which was once the carriage house for the dairy on Alberta, or out front on the patio (which I sure plan to do a lot now that the sunny weather is finally making its appearance). Stay as long as you like.

Seriously, there has never been a mama-owned, mama-run business more worthy of supporting. I consider Brenda a great friend, and there's no limit to the number of people in this town who would say the same thing. (Once you meet her, she'll be your friend, too.) The place is brand new, so please forward this info to everyone you know! If you need a new hangout or a place for coffee playdates, or if you're looking for a great breakfast/lunch/snack place (or a place for a mama/kid date!), get on over to Tour de Crepes! (Open for the Alberta art walk on Last Thursdays, too! Maybe a good time/date for a mamas' get-together?) I can guarantee that there isn't a business owner in the city more interested and invested in providing a quality place where mothers, children, and families (and, of course, individuals) can relax and enjoy themselves. Viva la crepes!


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This sounds like a great place, and I am looking forward to trying it out. I miss my crepes! I haven't had any since we moved here almost a year ago. Where I used to live, we had a fantastic crepe place two short blocks away from our home, and we would often order take-out there on the days that we didn't want to cook.

Thank you my sweet friend Shari - such an incredible endorsement! (I hope I can live up to all that praise.)

I do invite all you mamas to come hang out. I'm writing from the patio this morning watching my own son play in the sandbox during the downtimes. I must say it's glorious to be outside while I drink my coffee & take in the ALberta energy & sunshine! My hope is that you'll find similar pleasure here & come to know this as a space that's enjoyable & lovely for grown ups. (One that YOU want to be at as much as your kids do! :)

Quick bits of info:

Hours are 9-9 Thursday to Sunday.

True that we'll be having some extra curricular activities... planning on Tai Chi Tues/Thurs mornings, some mama salons, arty classes. There's also been talk of a weekly stroller meet-up so mamas can meet with babies on wheels, walk the neighborhood & eat afterwards (if you're interested email me & I'll hook you up with each other!)

Kids menu: we've got one! Drinks are 1.00, kid crepes & sandwiches 3.50ish.

PLEASE DO introduce yourself if you drop by... I'd love to meet other urban mamas!

I stopped by Tour de Crepes on Sunday with a friend and our two girls. The patio was lovely and sunny, the girls took their sandals off and dug into the sandbox, and my cheese and spinach crepe was fab. My daughter had her first glorious experience with Nutella, so is a fan now too. We'll definitely be back!

blair and i are hoping to go to Tour de Crepes tomorrow a.m. with the kiddos. anyone care to join us?

Yummm...tempting...what time?

We might be able to make an earlier time. We have lots of things to do tomorrow, but it might be nice to squeeze in.

they open at 9 right? shall we shoot for close to then?

Sounds good! Hopefully we can mobilize early and join you all for some yummy crepes.

We'll be there around 9:30, can't wait to see everyone!

Just went there this weekend...it was lovely, even on a rainy day.

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The idea of opening a place that treats kids to something they love (sandboxes and a place to run around) and treats moms to things they love (some peace and quiet with something sweet to nibble on) is ingenious!

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