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Preschool Wanted - NE, Part-Time, Five Day Program

Ahh, the beloved topic of preschools!  We've started a long thread of posts but even with all the discussion you'd think it would be easy to find the right fit, and it seems like every family has a different need and it doesn't always fit the mold.  Rebecca is looking for a preschool near the NE Alberta, does anyone have any advice?  Read on:

I'm moving to Portland on or around May 1 from Berkeley, CA (and share Erica's love of the Berkeley Parents Network). I have 2 boys, the oldest of whom just turned 3. He is currently in a family-run daycare. Since the arrival of his younger brother, I haven't wanted to shake up his world any more than it already was by starting him in preschool. Now, though, I'd like to get him into a preschool, and I'm totally clueless about how to start. I would ideally like to find a 5-day program for him (albeit short days). Does anyone have any recommendations or know of any openings? We will be living around 9th and Alberta.


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I don't have a recommendation or know of any openings, but I've been using two others sites to find more preschools that aren't mentioned on urbanmamas or cafemama.com. One's thecityofportland.com/childcare/index.html, and the other is babybag.com/cccenter.htm.

we really like our preschool. it's at 19th and fremont, so it would be pretty close to you.


Portland Parks has a daily p/t Montessori program at Peninsula Community Center and various other p/t programs at other centers (Peninula is fairly close to where you'll be) www.portlandparks.org

A few blocks closer than that is the new Growing Seeds where my two toddlers will be when it opens in June. 503-288-1171. They have another location in Northeast Portland that you can visit to get a sense of what it will be like.

Welcome to Portland!

check out the parent child preschools of oregon site: http://lefh.net/pcpo/

Just noticed an earlier post with some great NE suggestions also: Hummingbird School, Rowanberry School, Willow Tree School, Joyful Learning. http://urbanmamas.typepad.com/urbanmamas/2005/12/any_immediate_p.html#comments

Growing Seeds North (http://urbanmamas.typepad.com/urbanmamas/2006/02/growing_seeds_n.html) or Peninsula's Montessori school also sound like great options!

Moonflower Waldorf inspired preschool is located at 2334 N. Willamette Blvd. The Preschool is Mon-Wed 9am-1pm ages 3-6. The school also offers a parent/child class for ages 18-36 months on Thur and fri from 9am-11:30am.
For more information please call#971-570-0493
Come check out the beautiful moon garden,complete with laying hens!

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