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NE Type Pre-School in SW?

I love that NE pre-schools seem to have such a wonderful, kind of arty, progressive style - love the baking, gardening, playing music, etc..  We live in Beaverton and will drive over for the right pre-school, but would rather not.  Does anyone have any recommendations for a great little pre-school, that has a part-time program and will treat my little lady like gold? 



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Check out the Creative Children's Center (http://www.creativechildrenscenter.com/). It's a coop and one of the best you'll find anywhere in the Portland metro area. Very progressive, innovative and collaborative. Believe it or not we go out there from NE Portland by car, bus, max and bike in various combinations, and we have found it a very worthwhile effort (plus we couldn't get in to a mixed age three day a week coop in NE Portland). Our daughter is thriving there!


Check out Blueskies and Butterflies on SW Davis rd. in Beaverton.

I am a little prejudiced since I own it but has the NW flavor to it.
Call us to schedule a tour or check our website.


I visited Evergreen Academy three times (off of SW 158th & Walker) and was extremely impressed. Had we not decided upon a language immersion program for our son, we would chosen Evergreen Academy. They offer full and part-time pre-school and they even have a junior K class for kids with fall and early winter birthdays. I believe they start taking children at age 18 months.

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