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Kid-Friendly Spaces

From one of our readers, here are some of her neighbor's favorite kid-friendly cafes.  I believe the BiPartisan Cafe is due for the Coffee Playdate circuit.  It was recommended by Andy awhile back.  Have you been to these cafes?  What do you think?

Glo Loca Cafe and Bistro - 7901 NE Glisan St 503 257 0063 Great food; quality ingredients; sandwiches, soups, homemade baked good, fair trade coffee, sofas, WiFi, computer, kids area well-maintained

BiPartisan Cafe - 7901 SE Stark St 503 253 1051 Nice open space, great coffee/treats, toys for the kids

Anna Bannanas Cafe - 8716 N Lombard Kids area in the shape of castle walls, organic menu, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches/ mac-n-cheese for the kids, rocking horse, wood toys, comfy chair for nursing moms

Mississippi Pizza - 3552 N Mississippi Ave 503 288 3231 Great pizza, Lorna Miller, once a month, leads a "Little Kids' Jamboree" with homemade instruments for an hour; $5 suggested donation.


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Okay, I went to Anna's Bannanas cafe in St Johns on a weekend. The kids area was nice but too small in my opinion, though it's all there - blocks, rocking horse,wooden toys, also games for the older kids. There were lots of interesting books and mags to read. Overall a nice atmosphere - relaxed. A wide selection of coffees and teas.

We went with our 13 month old to Mississippi Pizza on Saturday. Lorna Miller genuinely likes kids and it's a fun 45 minute performance. Lorna plays the guitar and sings fun kids songs. Everyone sings along and claps and shakes their instruments that Lorna provides. It's best to get there on time, so you can order a slice of pizza and find a seat as it gets pretty packed with families. The next time Lorna plays is on the 22nd of this month.

I second the comment on a playdate at Bipartisan Cafe.

I love Bipartisan Cafe but if we have a large crowd for a playdate Glo-Loca Cafe may be a better place. Bipartisan Cafe is extremely busy on the weekends and the play area is smaller than Glo-loca. Glo-loca also serves wine and beer which could be a very fun......

Has anyone been to Xenos Cafe in St. John's (8527 N Lombard) lately?

My husband cleaned out my desk and found a postcard that says "Kids Play Room Now Open". I used to go there alone while my daughter Anya was in class at SJ Community Center and it was a nice, friendly and cozy space, but haven't been in months. Anyone have a report on the play room?

Has anyone been to Seven Virtues Coffeehouse? It is a new place at 60th and Glisan. Since it is new, they are not very crowded (I'm sure in time it will be). They have a children's area in the back and promise that it is going to grow. Lots of books and toys. They serve Stumptown coffee, NY Bagels, and Crema Bakery. The place is really clean and warm.

Urban grind - 2214 NE Oregon st. Pdx OR 97232 : http://www.urbangrindcoffee.com/gallery/index.htm

Bipartisan cafe - 7901 SE Stark http://www.bipartisancafe.com/

Seven Virtues - 60th and Glisan http://www.sevenvirtuespdx.com/

New Deal Cafe - 52 and NE Halsey http://www.dailymarketcafe.com/

I'd like to hear of more on the east side...

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