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Spring Fever

Isn't the temporary spring warm up wonderful?  Aren't the blooming flowers just beautiful?  Too bad we can't enjoy it to the fullest extent since the boys (3 year old and 8.5 months old) are both under the weather.  Just our luck.  We've got spring fever, but of the rotten variety.  The kind that keeps the boys down and cranky. 

Before this week, when a fever hit, we typically took it in stride.  Sometimes medicating, other times cooling them down by other means.  And then, the worse of the worse happened.  Carter's typical fever situation turned into a febrile seizure, it was the longest few minutes I've ever experienced. When his eyes rolled back into the back of his head, his lips turned blue from the clenching of his jaw, and body became stiff as a board - I thought I was losing my child. 

Of some comfort is the fact that febrile seizures are fairly common.  And despite knowing several close families that have experienced this, it was a scary experience.  Kids aged 6 months to 5 years are most susceptible, and occurs in 1 out of every 25 children.  From this point forward, I'm a huge fan of fever reducers and will not hesitate to mediate at the onset of a fever.  Has anyone experienced this?


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Oh my goodness Hau...I can't even imagine. I have never heard of this, and am so grateful to you for bringing it up. At what temp. is this a possibility?

Hi Hau, I just had a shiver run up my spine. So frightening for you. Thank God it was a febrile seizure and not something else. Thank you for the heads up.

Fionasnana: Carter's temperature was about 103 when we gave him some Tylonel. After the seizure, it was about 105! He seems to have bounced back quite well since the episode and I've been extra vigilant about his and his brother's fever status since. It's perhaps a good reminder for childcare givers to remind parents to keep young kids at home in fever situations.

hau - i am so terribly sorry! i have read stories of febrile seizures and they really do sound like my worst nightmare. sending healthy vibes to you and your boys.

A while back my daughter had an illness that caused a high fever (over 105 unmedicated) and I was worried about febrile seizures because my neighbor's son has had them in the past. The pediatrician told me that it is not how high the fever is that is the issue it is how fast the fever goes up and also depends on the child. So a child who is prone to seizures could have them even with a relatively low fever like 101 or so. I was also told that a child who has had a seizure in the past is more apt to have one in the future so their fevers need to be handled ASAP with fever reducers to limit the chances of another fever.

Hi Hau,

This also happened to our daughter a few months ago when she was about 14 months old. It lasted for a couple of minutes and we were freaked out!

We called the doctor at 2:30 am and they said that it is common and not to be worried. It's caused when there is a sharp spike in body temperature. The doctor said to give her medication to reduce the fever, like tylenol, acetominophin (sp?), etc. Also, to make sure that she's not wearing too much clothes and to put a luke warm towel on her head. You can read more about it in the "What to Expect..." books.

Good luck!


Hau how terribly scary! I hope it doesn't happen again. This just happened to a friend of mine, and since the baby's seizure only occurred on one side of her body, there were lots of tests involved. Turned out to be a febrile seizure caused by an advanced sinus infection. So far these seem to happen to kids I know around the 1 year mark.

Hau, I can't even imagine how scary that must have been. I am glad that Carter is doing better, and I thank you for sharing your experience and bringing up the subject of febrile seizures. I had no idea how common they were, and I hope they don't happen again! Sending hugs to the whole family.

Hau -how scary! Even knowing how common it is doesn't make it any less frightening. Hope both of your boys are feeling better. We seem to have a continual runny nose between luke and the baby, but nothing worse (knock wood). Take care -

Thanks for the outpouring of well wishes from everyone! It looks like we are all recovering (even myself), and hopefully the next time the sun comes out, we can all go outside and play.

My daughter had her 1st febrile seizure at the dentist's office. I didn't even realize what it was. But the next day she was sick with a fever. When we went to the doctor he said it can happen 24 hours BEFORE you even know they are sick with a fever. SHe has just had another one. she had a fever I gave her tylenol and when she was sleeping, thank goodness I was lying down beside her, she had one. When she came around she vomitted. I took her temperature it was 100.9 (ear ). It is very very scary, hard to keep calm during it.

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