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Saturday Morning Playdate!

It's been a long time coming! We've been wanting to do a Saturday morning playdate for a while, so why not this upcoming Saturday, March 18th? It'll be a great time for connecting urbanFamilies - mamas, papas, and kiddies alike!

Saturday Morning Coffee Playdate
March 18 / 10:30 AM
1800 NW 16th Ave
Portland, OR


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We will be there! We love Sydney's. Anxious to see the uM's again and to meet the kiddies.

Great, I've been wanting to join you all there but haven't had the chance yet. If nap time doesn't clash too badly, Anna and I will be there.

I'm in. I was just planning in my head my first bicycle outing with the kidlets. Sydney's sounds like the perfect destination for Saturday morning.

sounds like fun.....we will be there

Love to! Just enough time for a *ahem* "run-type thing" and a shower beforehand :)

I think we may be able to make it too. My DD has a soccer game at 1:00 pm, so I might not be able to stay long because I'll need to get her some lunch before her game.

Thanks for putting this together. We love Sydney's! Scout and I will be there and look forward to meeting all of you.

Hey Im totally coming I just moved to Portland and I'm a new mom who needs to meet other moms. Thanks for doing this!!!

wish we could make it, but i dunno if i'll be up for taking the one week old out just yet :) soon though!!!

I do heart Sydney's... but I will likely be working. We'll try to stop by for a bit! Saturday playdates are a great idea!

i can't wait! i'll be there with bells on and boys in tow.

Anna's got the stomach flu, so we won't be able to make it after all. Hope to meet you all soon.

didn't make this playdate. when is the next time to get together?

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