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Quiet Off-Leash Dog Parks

A question from one of our readers:

I have two children - a baby and a canine- so I'm wondering if anyone can tell me their favourite off-leash dog park. In my experience, some off-leash dog areas can be scary, if there are out of control dogs fighting in the vicinity. I'm looking for an off-leash dog park that isn't frequented by too many dogs during the day. One that I can feel safe in. Hope to bump into those mamas with pooches some time. I'll be the crazy one yelling and running after my dog, baby in tow.


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I like the one right by Portland International Raceway. It's really big, so you can stay away from the pack if there are a lot of dogs there. I'd avoid the East Delta Park one, which is just on the other side of I5 from the PIR park. It's pretty small and can get really crowded on nice days.

We have 2 great dog parks that our dog and daughter love. The first and the best is outside of Portland. It has miles of land to run on and great paths to walk on. The river is close by so the dogs can have a quick dip. i I have no clue what the name is but if you take the 84 E and get off the exit for oxbow park. Instead of turning left for oxbow, turn right. Their is a parking lot off to the side.
The second is MTN. Tabor Park. It is a large closed off dog park.
It usually is not that crowded.

The best ones we've found are a little further out. Summerlake Park in Tigard has a small off-leash area but everytime I've been there I've seen two dogs in there at the most. There's also one adjacent to Bethany Baptist Church on 4545 NW Kaiser Road (where KidsTown USA is) that is a good size and not too crowded when I've been there. At both of these parks, the dog owners I've met have all been super responsible and mindful of their dogs. We used to live right next to Mt Tabor and stopped taking our dog to the offleash park there because it was usually busy, and we kept having bad experiences with out of control dogs and less than responsible owners, so we just kept our dog on-leash when we took him for walks around there every day. But that was just our experience. We probably just kept going at the wrong time of day (or the crazy dogs all moved when we did--that would be just my luck :).

We go to the one in Wilsonville in the park next to the Library (forgetting the name right now.) It usually has only a few people/dogs and there are a ton of places to let baby/kids play when the dogs are done.

We take our two pointers to the off-leash area at Luscher Farm off McVey/Stafford Road in Lake Oswego. There is ample room for the dogs to run and a bark chip trail circles the enclosed area for walkers. There isn't running water for them to drink, but there are poop bags available. Also, in the early spring there are birds that will fly over the fields driving the dogs insane (ours, anyway!). They love it there.



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