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NE Knitting Mommies

Calling all nifty, knitty mamas.  Here's Chrissy's group:

Hi! I saw your post on Urban Mamas calling for knitting groups/playgroups that would be open to Urban Mamas. I am running a couple of knitting groups right now - we're called the NE Knitting Mommies. We've been meeting regularly on Monday nights from 7-9, usually at my home in NE (Beaumont-Wilshire area) but also at coffee shops around the eastside. We also just started meeting as an afternoon knit/play group on Thursdays between 1 & 5. Not much knitting gets done, but we still have fun! Anyone who might be interested in joining us should e-mail me - mailto:sevenby30@hotmail.com - for more info.


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I wish I could join you guys but with my dh going out of town through the end of March, I think I missed my last chance last night! It's so nice to get out and have some independent time... I will try to come by in April :)

Hi! I work at Mother & Child Education Center (near trader Joe's in Hollywood). We are a non profit that provides free services for moms, and expecting moms. I would like to host a knitting group here. We have plenty of space, would you guys be interested in meeting here. Also, we have bags of scanes of yarn, so we could provide supplies as well. email me at info@motherandchild-edu.org

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