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Kaiser pediatricians & OB/gyns?

Thank you for all your tips on pediatricians and mommy yoga! Molly has a related question:

We have Kaiser; does anyone have a really great pediatrician or n.p. within the Kaiser system? Or, for that matter, a good Kaiser OB/gyn?


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We go to East Interstate Kaiser and have Dr. Cohen for both our children. We've only been here for less than a year, but we have found that he's just a nice, direct guy.

When we brought in the baby because she was sick and then begged off doing her routine immunizations until she was better, he didn't pressure us to go ahead with the shots like our last pediatrician did.

We were very happy with Nicole Davis (N.P.) at the Division office (until our insurance changed). She didn't pressure us about delayed, selective vax, was always friendly and down-to-earth.

I never went to a Kaiser OB/gyn, but Betsy Langton, a midwife at Mt. Talbert, is fantastic. She takes the time to get to know you and is so warm, caring, smart and funny.

We've taken our kids to Jean Nava, Nurse Practictioner at East Interstate for 4 years and have been very happy with her down to earth, low pressure approach. Each of our sons had unique medical conditions that necessitated specialists at Doernbecher (OHSU) and Jean was absolutely fantastic at liasing with these colleagues and making sure all our needs were met. As for OB, Hallie (Harriet) Stosur at East Interstate is the most gifted medical professional I have ever encountered. She has 2 young sons of her own and is easy to relate to. She even came in on her day off to deliver my 2nd son - what a gal!

We also go to East Interstate. I had Alida Rol as my OB and LOVED her. Hallie Stosur was the surgeon for my c-section and she did an amazing job. I highly recommend either of these women.

We see Dr Luft for our daughter. We've only seen her for well-baby visits, but she's been good. Also no pressure on vaccines.

i was very leery of getting a ped when my daughter was born, since i knew i would have to go through kaiser instead of having her see a naturopath, as i would have preferred, but by some miracle we got matched up with dr. wendy lin and we love her!

she's completely cool about our waterbirth, extended breastfeeding, no vaccination, cloth diapering, traditional medicines as a last resort (as my mom would say) hippie ways- although i'm sure she would be supportive no matter what our decisions were. is very sweet with our girl and great with us, too. :)

For a pediatrician: We love Joan Sage at the Mt. Scott/Sunnyside office. She is wonderful and always spends plenty of time with us. She is also happy to work with our (out of network) naturopath. Our ND is Susan Roberts and she does take the Kaiser card for a discount. Please e-mail me if you'd like additional information.

I gotta plug Mary Knox at Interstate for OB, she has been very supportive and gone the extra distance with me.

We go to Susan Dierauff (pediatrician) at East Interstate and we love her. She's communicative, non-rushed, attentive, responsive, and personable. She's gentle and remembers little factoids about us. We've seen her out and about, and she's come up to us to say "hello". Unfortunately, she's on sabatical until summer! But, she WILL be back, and hopefully she'll still be accepting new patients then!

Our OB/gyn is Mary Knox and she saw us for the last two months of our second pregnancy. She didn't end up delivering us... Mary has been great about advising on the whole IUD thing and stuff. She's great about helping us come to our own decisions by giving us as much pertinent information as possible.

My husband just started in the ER with Kaiser a few months ago and grilled all the other docs about pediatricians and who would they take their kids to. Wendy Lin was highly recommended and has been great with us. Our daughter was only a few weeks old when we switched and had just been diagnosed with hip dysplasia. Dr. Lin got us in as soon as we switched to get us a Kaiser Peds Ortho referral (Ros Montgomery - also been great - and we see her weekly!). Takes time during appointments to ask alot of questions, doesn't feel rushed, refers/gives books on topics. Don't need an OB yet ...

We have Nicole Davis too! We have been so happy with her. She has been wonderful and always seems to have time to answer all my questions. She has even tried some alternative methods and isn't quick to just prescribe antibiotics, which I appreciate.

Another plug for Nicole Davis. She is great. We have been to the office several times due to me being a hypochondriac. Also, our daughter was born breech and had a abnormal hip ultrasound. She called us at home to explain the results and talk about the follow up care.

We have had a great experience with the Tualatin/Sherwood Peds team. We go to Dr. Wells in that office. She is great at communicating in non-medical terms and she always follows up with questions. And if my little one is sick, she works us into her scedule and then , always calls a few days later to see how she is.
And for OBs, I had an extremly difficult birth and recovery, my OB was a life saver, I even made her cookies for christmas she was that good! She is in Beaverton Dr. Stella Dantis. Good luck.

We go to East Interstate and when my son was born (9 months ago) the nurse helping me set up our medical appointmens asked who we'd like our pediatrician to be. I said "Whoever is the best!" and she said O.K. Dr Schmidt then. He's great. He spends a ton of time answering any questions you have and has the perfect demeaner for a pediatrician. I also liked my OB/Gyn Dr. Molina. During the pregnancy I saw more than a few different doctors because of schedule issues and they were all wonderful. I saw Dr. Rol post partum and she called me from home one night to check in on me.

Oh, I'll second the Dr. Stella Dantas recommendation. She was great, and she actually turned out to be the doc that delivered our second daughter, even though Dr. Dantas is out of Beaverton and we go to the East Interstate Kaiser office.

And, a shout out to Susan Dierauff! She's wonderful - gentle, kind, seems to love what she does. I've also experienced what Olivia has mentioned. She's stopped to chat with me when I've run into her at the grocery store despite only having her as our ped for less than a year.

We see Dr. Richard Cohen. I selected him because he was recommended to me by several other parents. He has been great for my family. He's pretty no nonsense but I always had the feeling that he would definitely give 100% when needed. We needed that sort of support a year ago. On our youngest daughters second birthday she developed an abscess on a lymph node in her neck that didn’t respond to oral or intravenous antibiotics. She ended up needing surgery. Dr. Cohen called us at the hospital to see how things were going. We were having problems with getting her pain under control. He listen to our concerns, contacted to the pedestrian on staff and checked back in with us to let us know what we could expect and gave us his home phone number to call if we had anymore concerns. The surgery was on a Saturday and he came to the hospital on Sunday with his kids in tow to visit our daughter and see how she was doing.

He can be a little dead pan. I went to see him when our oldest daughter was just a month old. I was sure she was having hearing problems because when the dog jumped on the couch and barked right next to us she didn’t flinch. Dr. Cohen asked “Is it a new dog?” I told him no then he polity informed me that she’d been hearing this dog bark for quite sometime so it was nothing new to her and her hearing was just fine!

Dr. H. Raymond Blair at the Beaverton Kaiser is absolutely wonderful. He's an older Irish gentleman, and takes his time to get to know both the patient and family. He took great care of us all when our youngest was having unknown issues just after birth. We absolutely love him! And he doesn't push antibiotics, etc.

As for the ob/gyn department, the Beaverton staff is also wonderful. I had Stacy Wilson (midwife) but Dr. Wendy Smith ended up delivering for me, and she was the greatest.

I'm sure you don't want to drive over to Beaverton, but Stella Dantas is great. She lets Anders help her during my prenatal visits. She also gave him some chocolate last time :)

With our unexpected admission to the hospital last time around for Anders' birth, the opinion of what course of action would be taken changed with each doctor who came into the room. We were getting a little frustrated with where things were headed. But we were so relieved when Hallie Stosur walked into the room. We knew immediately that she was extremely competent. She sat down with us to talk about what was going on. She said she was supportive of whatever decision we made because there was no "right" answer. Thankfully, we did make the right decision and all was well. We thought Hallie was great. I didn't know that she was at east interstate, but she would get my vote since she's so close to you.

Another vote for Dr. Schmidt at East Interstate. He's exactly what I envision a pediatrician to be - a friendly, well-informed doctor who clearly loves kids.

In late 2003, when my son was a couple of days old and suffered a temporary blood sugar drop (after being born at home), we were admitted to Kaiser Sunnyside and suffered through several different Kaiser pediatricians. Dr. Dierauf was the one doctor we encountered with both compassion and common sense, so we've stayed with her ever since. Now that she's on leave, we really like her substitute, too. Unfortunately, I've forgotten his name at the moment. As for East Interstate OB/gyns, I've been a fan of Susan Cooksey's for the last 10 or 15 years. She's an NP and does not attend births, but does provide prenatal care, contraception, etc. She's refreshingly down-to-earth, direct, and respectful.

I love Dr. Dalke, OB at EIN. I met her when she delivered my daughter, and had her for all my visits when pg with my son.

Both kids have seen Jean Nava for since the first was born. Really like her. Also saw Dr. Cohen when my son was hospitalized and for a follow up, definately a bit of an odd duck personality wise, but knows his stuff, clearly a good doctor. Also saw Dr. Luft once, and she is great.

Beryl Burns @ Mt. Scott office is fabulous, and was just included in the "top doctors" list of Portland Monthly. Go Dr. Burns!

i know this strand is old but i thought i would continue with new news etc.

i too take my daughter to east interstate kaiser. i have been completely pleased. fortunately i was "assigned" dr. lin. she is wonderful. say what you will about kaiser, she feels like a throwback to the days when the doctor was the hub of knowledge. and i like that. my relationship w/my daughter's father dissolved when she was only 9 mos. old. dr. lin showed a lot of empathy regarding my fears this would have on my daughter. at a year old my daughter developed mastoiditis. dr. lin didn't hesitate to call dr. cohen and doernbecher.

dr. milczuk was our surgeon. i am really impressed at the communication between lin/milczuk. dr. lin has not hesitated to keep us referred to dr. milczuk/doernbecher and she visited us during our hospital stay and made sure everything was going okay.

good luck finding a ped and before beating up on kaiser investigate their system. i have felt completely validated there.

Thanks for reviving this post. I hadn't seen it before and I definitely want to be sure to give a plug for Kaiser. We've had nothing but positive experiences with them - they've definitely improved from when I first had them though a different employer nearly 15 years ago.

We also have Dr. Lin as a pediatrician for our 2 1/2 year old and absolutely love her. She's knowledgeable and kind and will take time with you during an appointment. Very caring and, as noted previously, supportive of extended breastfeeding, vaccination questions, alternative medicine, etc.

Dr. Rol is my ob/gyn and she's a delight. When I went way past my due date and was feeling the fear of potentially being induced, she gave me a whole laundry list of things I could try (some conventional, some not) that could push the labor along. I loved that she understood that I did not want to be induced and went out of her way to help me progress without medical intervention, while still wearing her "Kaiser western medicine" hat.

Thanks for all the great tips. What has been your experience w/Kaiser dentists? Any recs for kids? Thanks

I'd like to revive this conversation if possible. We are starting Kaiser insurance through my husband's work, and I'm in need of a recommendation for a good pediatrician for our 13-month-old daughter. We value someone who has a more holistic approach, is flexible on vaccines, supportive of long-term breast feeding, and isn't quick to prescribe antibiotics. I liked the sound of Wendy Lin, but she isn't accepting new patients.

Also interested in an OBGYN, CNM, GPs, and a dentist in the Kaiser network, but would like to tackle the pediatrician question first.


I have been with Kaiser for 10 years now and have been mostly pleased. Unfortunately, my fantastic CNM retired last year, just in time for me to get pregnant, so I will probably have to shop for a new one, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I've read a few threads, but they are a little outdated.

I see an PA at the new Murray Hill office named Susan Wagner as my GP and I LOVE her. She is always attentive and kind and works with me, rather than telling me what to do. I would definitely recommend her.

For OB's I would give ten million recommendations for Dr. Ann Stanek at Beaverton office. She is so warm and friendly, seems like you are working with your best friend. Very open to questions, never rushed and so nice. I also love her MA Lola, they are an awesome team I am sad that my son was born so I wont get to see them every week!!

Jean Nava is a pediatric nurse practitioner at East Interstate Medical Office and she is PHENOMENAL - knowledgeable, personable, thorough! As far as OB/GYN, I recommend Dr. Ann Scott at East Interstate Medical Office. She's great. I'm a stay at home mom now, and so no longer have Kaiser insurance. I have to admit that I miss it. I'm It's been over a year, and I'm still trying to find good providers one the 'outside.'
Oh, and if you're wondering about delivery at Kaiser. I had a phenomenal delivery experience in 2009 at Sunnyside. The registered nurses were great, helped me into a whirlpool bath, supported my needs and wishes - even when I changed my mind. They gently made sure that what I wanted was truly what I wanted/needed, and then helped make that happen. The nurse midwife was great. The nurse anesthetist, when I finally asked for an epidural, was great. The facilities were comfortable. If I could, I would have my second child there as well!

is it too late to revive??? ;) I would love to hear any updates for a FAMILY PRACTICTIONER (DR or NP) - I personally would rather find a single doc for our whole family, or at least that is my preference over peds. Any recs that are respectful to parents, respectful towards anxious kids, and open to delayed vax? We almost never need a dr. but I want to develop a relationship with one to have it ready for need/event. thanks!

I loved, loved, loved Dr. Jill Sheesley as a family practitioner. My 2.5 year old son and I both saw her and loved her. I am still lamenting the fact that our insurance changed and we can't see her any more.

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