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Good Sam ObGyn?

Why is it that when you really love a doctor, and all of the nurses with her clinic, your health plan changes and you have to find a new one? Such is my current dilemma. I'd love to stay with Good Sam in NW, but my favorite doc is no longer in our plan, and out-of-network costs are insane. If anyone has any experience with any of the following doctors, who are at Good Sam and within my family's new health plan, please share!
Laura Korman
Linda Moore
Karen Ogryzlo
Michelle Sang
Robin Barrett
Amy Bruner


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Sadly, I had a very unpleasant experience with Dr. Sang and switched to a different OB. That being said, I have three friends who went to her and liked her -- though two of those friends' pregnancies were uneventful. I'd be happy to share my experience with you if would like to e-mail me.

Dr. Linda Moore is my OB/GYN, I have been seeing her for over five years and she delivered my twins. She is very professional and easy to talk to; whenever I called her with a question Dr. Moore or her assistant got back to me immediately. Feel free to contact me if you have any specific questions.

Dr. Linda Moore is my OB/GYN and has delivered both of my children (ages 3 yrs and 9 mos). I've been very impressed with the level of care and support I've received from her. I'm also happy to answer any specific question you might have.

Dr. Amy Bruner is awesome and so is her nurse Linda. They have delivered all three of my children and I can say without a doubt that they took great care of me, my husband and my baby. She is the best baby doctor on the planet.

Thanks for all of your comments - they are very helpful! I actually used to look forward to my annuals just because I got to see my doc and the nurses, and knowing that the new doc I will see has a good reference will help ease my anxiety a bit, I think. Also, someday we'd like to have another, so it's great to hear that both Dr. Moore and Dr. Bruner were wonderful through your deliveries, Carolyn, Juliette and Kelley.

Thanks very much!

Dr Ogryzlo was my OB before she left Longview, I always felt comfortable around her. She is really upbeat and fun to be around.

I am trying to see if my insurance will allow me to still have her as my OB/GYN.

Good Luck!

Dr. Amy Bruner is my OB/GYN and delivered my first baby this past summer. She is great, very patient and kind. Her nurse Linda is wonderful!

Dr. Ogryzlo delivered my baby and I will definately use her for my next one. She is high energy and was exactly what I needed to get through 3 hours of pushing. I have recommended her to two co-workers who both loved her.

Dr Robin Barrett is my ob/gyn and just delievered my first baby last dec. I had an extremely rare complication post delivery and she knew what to do to prevent any longterm complications. I highly reccommend her, even before my delivery trauma!

My doctor is Linda Moore and I really like her. I'm expected to deliver soon and I actually switched to her because I wanted to deliver at Good Sam and am so glad I did because I feel so much more at ease with her. She answers all my questions and makes me feel like she'll always give me enough time to answer all my concerns. My last doctor couldn't get out of the room fast enough for me to even recall the questions that I had for him.

Did anyone has comments or recommendation for Dr. Amy Bruner and Dr. Robin Barrett at Northwest Woman Clinic? Any input will be much appreciate.

I see Dr. Robin Barrett and find her to be oustanding. She is a particularly good listner and I always feel that our appointments are time for me. I do not feel like I'm just the patient in room numbet two. I also find her to be realistic and communicative; I like that she tells it like it is. I highly reccommend her.

I unfortunatey also had a bad experience with doctor sang. in my opinion the office has lack of sensitivity towards their patients. I even contacted their office with a comment regarding an inappropriate mailing and was made to feel that my concerns were unwarrented. I would not recommend dr. sang.

I had a terrible experience with Dr. Ogryzlo and found her to be rude and to have a lack of respect for my time. I waited an hour for my first visit. My second visit which was for a d&c due to a miscarriage, I waited 2 1/2 hours from the time my procedure was supposed to take place until I was called back. Her receptionist loudly referred to me not as a person but as my procedure when calling back to ask the nurse how late they would be when I checked in. This was announced loudly to a waiting room full of people which was a huge privacy violation.As well as the fact that I was going through a traumatic experience with the miscarriage. The doctor was as insensitive as her receptionist. She did not apologize for the extremely long wait, rushed me through the procedure without even allowing the pain medication to take affect and didn't come back into my room again before I left the hospital. The only redemption for this office is her nurse who was caring and wonderful. I would not recommend this physician to anyone.

I had a recent experience with Dr. Karen Ogryzlo. I found her to be laid-back and nice. When her nurse was busy on the phone, she even made a photocopy for me. I'd go back.

Dr. Karen Ogrylzo was my OBGYN for the birth of my first child. At first, she seemed to be really caring, listened and offered advice. Somewhere in the middle of my pregnancy she changed. She was very rushed, spoke way too fast, would make every little issue into a crisis and would avoid very straightforward questions. Her assistant Chrissy is extremely rude; she lies, doesn’t follow up on ultrasound reports (I had to call the ultrasound department myself to get my results faxed. A few times I had the only copy in the office when I would bring it to my visit to review with Ogrylzo) and is very unprofessional. I was a week past my due date and when I came into the office for a checkup and let her know that I was going to wait a few more days prior to starting any sort of interventions, she said, "oooh, you are being dangerous," when, in fact, it is very normal to go past ones due date when baby and momma are healthy. Ogrylzo and her assistant rarely do stress tests or Ultrasounds in the office, they always refer out, unlike other more experienced members of the practice. Ogryzlo always runs behind, even if you are the 1st appointment of the day. Later in my pregnancy, she was out of the office, so I went to a few of the other Doctors in the practice and was taken back by their low key calming demeanor, everything wasn't a crisis and their assistants were very professional, courteous and respectful, unlike Chrissy. Dr. Ono is great and would recommend him as he is the one who actually ended up delivering my child.

I'm the Beth who posted positive reviews of Dr. Ogryzlo in 2010. I recently had my first child, and I would no longer recommend her practice, largely because of her medical assistant Krissy (sp?). What "urban momma2012" writes above rings true to me.

I love dr ogryzlo. I have a baby that was through donor egg and other than 7 months of morning sickness, the pregnancy was uneventful. Dr O was always willing to listen sand take as long as it takes. Yes, she talks quickly and is forthright, but I appreciate that. She was always very excited about my experience. Chrissy, her nurse is ok. I have had nothing but positive times with dr o.

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