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G-Diapers: So, how are they?

Our recent conversation on Fuzzis have led to mention of the new G-Diapers. The g-diaper family, the Graham-Nyes, moved from Australia to set up their g-diaper headquarters in Portland. Yup. Wouldn't you? Because Portland is one of the greatest cities in the world, especially for a earth-friendly, family-friendly company that produces a flushable diaper!

SO, have you used the g-diaper? What do you think? We're interested in some product reviews!


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i tried the gdiapers and although i love the idea, i don't think they work for us. we have a 1923 bungalow so, suffice to say, they do not flush. in addition, it takes too much time and hands to get the diaper ready to put 'em on. also, when you jump from a small to a medium, the mediums are gargantuous (sp?). but, keep trying, gdiapers! i want some biodegradable goodness on the market soon. i just found these fab diapers:
i haven't tried them yet but as soon as i get through my seventh generation, i will try those.
good luck to all of you soupy poopy moms!

Can't comment on the G-diapers, but in response to "poop patrol": we tried the Nature Boy & Girl diapers and just DESPISED them. Awkward, overpriced, and prone to ripping apart. We've tried other brands, too, and always end up back with Seventh Generation (still our favorite, even after last year's stupid redesign).

We used gDiapers for a week when we were out of cloth diapers due to a stupid planning mistake. I like them for daytime use, but they did not hold everything in all night long. For that, we now use Seventh Generation (or double up on cloth). Also, although the gDiapers *usually* flush well in our house, I tried flushing too many in one day (and didn't "swish" them enough) so we ended up with a stubborn clog on our hands. I think that if you have decent plumbing, use the enclosed swish stick, and don't flush too many in a row, you will probably be fine. (I've thought about composting them instead of flushing them, but the idea sort of grosses me out.) I do love the cute little covers, and I use them with our cloth diapers now. (I wish you could buy them individually).

We tried gDiapers several months ago and gave up. They flushed okay (though we have a normally problematic sewer) and, after talking to someone who was doing product demos at New Seasons, fairly easy to work. The biggest problem was their lack of absorbancy. They leaked about half the time, it seemed.

thanks for the info! you just saved us $159. we'll stick with the 7th gen and cloth combo we've got going!

I love the G Diapers. For me it is a good inbetween cloth and disposable. Once you get the fit right, I had no problem with leaks. Also, I just keep an extra liner with the pad so changing is quick and easy. I would definitely recommend.

G Diapers are great for day time use! I have a 1940s house and they flush fine. They are a little more work than the conventional diaper, but I feel good using them. As long as they are changed every 3-4 hours, leaking is not much of a problem, however I do use a disposable diaper at night. I would recommend trying them.

I love g diapers too. I agree - it's a great compromise between cloth and disposable. I just discovered them, and have started using them on my 4th child who is now 10 months. My hubby thinks they are MORE inconvenient (than disposables). But you know what attracted me the most? NO ODOR! Of course the diapers themselves have no odor, until they are soiled - then they are disposed of just like big-people's odorous waste - IN THE TOILET! No stinky diaper pail of cloth diapers needing a wash, no extra laundry, no stinky diaper receptacle of any kind for disposables - WOO HOO! As a prego-mom for the 5th time, I really appreciate the lack of STINK! Just as Kim said, I keep an extra liner pre-filled in a wrap so I can do quick-changes - no different than what I did with cloth. The only challenge is when I am out and about and not near a toilet when changing a diaper (like in my van). Oh well - small price to pay for the benefits. :D I'm recommending them to all of my eco-friendly friends.

oops - one more note - At night, we just put two liners in the g-diapers and it seems to prevent any leakage.

Hi I just have a question about the g diapers. How is it effective for economical reasons? If you use them for 2 yrs and have a total of 6 covers per size you will spend between 2200-2400 $ to cloth diaper for 2 years. Disposables cost about the same. I know it is good for the environment I am just wondering if there is a cheaper way where one still avoids poop. I make and sell cloth diapers as a business and love it but lots of freinds I have hate cleaning up the poop.

You're right, Jo, I think the g diapers were priced to be comparable to disposable, only g diapers have the added earth-friendlier benefit. For handling poop with cloth diapers, we've used kushie flushable diaper liners so we didn't have to scrape as much.

We just started using g-diapers after some friend introduced us to the product. We were using a diaper service, but weren't using many cloth diapers. Day care requires disposables, so we send 7th Generation diapers with our son. At home, we prefered cloth, but the covers the company sent were horrible. The velcro was aged and wouldn't hold. We bought a couple of Bumpkin covers and loved them. Still, we found the g-diapers more convenient --and cheaper, since we pay only for what we use. I am composting the wet diapers and flushing the rest. This seems to be working well. The challenge is storing the diapers until I can take them out to the compost. I don't enjoy the process of tearing and flushing the poopy ones, but it gets easier with practice.

Environmentally, it is a good compromise for us. We don't waste as much water and we don't contribute more than is unavoidable to the garbage dumps. Is it perfect? Well, no, but we are are taking small steps in the right direction.

I would recommend these for anyone in our circumstances (two working parents with a child in daycare). By the way, we have been using the Bumpkin covers with the g-diapers just fine. We have had less leakage than we did with cloth and the insert stays in place. We haven't tried the g-covers, but having observed our friends using these, I think the Bumpkins might even be easier (although I like the idea of the velco fastening behind).

Are there any comments form people who are composting these diapers. I have some concerns about the absorbing gels, but I haven't found convincing scientific evidence that these are harmful to the soil. In fact, it seems that there absorbent properties may be beneficial in holding moisture in the soil --less watering?

We just bought the starter kit yesterday and LOVE them (plus they make our son's tush look cute enough to bite into!) He wore his first one last night and my SNOOZER of a child (yup - 7 months old and sleeps 10-11 hours a night) woke up without even a leak - which is more than we can say for the disposables we used prior. Our plan is to use them at home and when he's at my mother's once a week. He'll still use disposables at daycare. We are THRILLED that there's an alternative to disposables.

I just bought the starter kit for my son at Whole Foods Seattle yesterday. So far these are my thoughts:

- The covers are adorable!
- They do flush in a 1940s toilet but I have to be careful to break it up and flush 2 times per liner. Don't know how much more my water bill is going to be?
- It's more work/more involved than a disposable; not sure this is going to fly on daddy's shift long term.
- I'm not even going to try them for nighttime as my son is peeing through everything, but day use is great so far.

I feel good using them as I'm trying to help my son's sensitive skin kick this rash he's got. I'm not a "dark greeny" but I am concerned about the toxins in our environment and will continue to spend my dollars on responsible products.

Just found this blog on g-diapers and I have to post. We've been using g diapers for about 5 months now and I have to say I'm really impressed. We have a total of 4 diaper covers and about 8 liners. Once we got into the rythym it wasn't so hard. I try to get all the covers set up with liner and disposables all at once so changing is a snap. Some poop diapers are a bit messy, but rather than dealing with the mess I just have a tupperware bin filled with water and 1/4 cup borax that I throw liners and covers in until I get around to washing. I even had some questions about flushability when we first started using them and was really impressed with their customer service. I sent an email and they called me right a way willing to help me out. I was a little skeptical about the cost (costs about $60/month for us since we use the med/large size), but I think its pretty reasonable considering the benefits to the environment. My son just recently started potty training and occasionally I will throw one in the bottom of his little potty so that when we are out and about and he needs to use the potty we don't have pee sloshing around. Doubling them up seems to work pretty well at night too. That's my two cents.

As to flushability, we always throw a few cups of water from the sink into the toilet with the diaper and that seems help it go down...and I think it uses less water than the repeated flushing method.

Considering this is the most planet-friendly option I found besides cloth, I think they are terrific. I just keep thinking...500 years for a regular diaper to biodegrade. The absorbent cores don't seem to fit the liners perfectly, but if they are positioned right and baby is changed relatively soon, they seem to hold up pretty well. We had a night time pee leak, but the pampers leak too (The small Seventh Generations were way too big for our newborn.) I've not had any trouble with a mess when flushing and they go down just fine. I rip open the diaper, dump the middle, swish once, then hold the rest until the middle is almost down like they suggest. I use them during the day and am going to try them at night again. If they make a few small improvements in the design, I think they will be the best thing that I've seen on the market.

We recently started using gdiapers, although not purely for the eco benefits. My daughter has horrible allergic(nonyeast) rash from disposable diapers. Pampers actually caused her bottom to bleed, and 7th generation caused blistering. Cloth led us to persistant yeast rashes. Sigh.
So for a 6months we moved on to Nature Boy and Girl diapers. They seem to be inconsistently sized, tear often, and are now causing rashes, too.
So, on to gdiapers...LOVE them. For all the reasons everyone stated, and more. My daughter leaked out of disposables (sleeps 12-14 hours a night), so a small leak now and then isn't a huge issue. I don't find them any more complicated then other types once you get the hang of it all. And NO MORE RASHES!
Use 'em in good health!

I just bought a starter kit and really do love G diapers, my son is 23 pounds and the medium are a little snug but I cannot find Large in any Whole Foods stores. We have a horrible crapper and they flush fine! I love the look of them and find them to be quite easy to use.
I too like the Seventh Generation diapers but they will still be around for 500 years so Gdiapers are great!

I am a mother of two and recently purchased the G Diapers starter kit. I love these diapers couldn't say enought good things about them. My daughter slept through the night(9 hours) in one and NO LEAKS!! I was amazed. The new proccess of changing and flushing takes some getting used to but is totally worth it. If you keep some extras close by that are already put together changing them isn't that much diffrent from a disposable. And we live in an older home that doesn't have the greatest water pressure, I was very worried they wouldn't flush, but they go right down no problem!! I am very impressed, no more smell, no more leaky diapers, and I feel like i'm doing somthing great for the earth. THANK YOU G Diapers!!! Everyone should try them.

Glad to find this blog, I live in the UK and have been looking for something like G Diapers for months (luckily I still have a few months to go before I have to resolve my diaper dilemma). My plan, as I go home to the US every Christmas, is to stock up on starter kits in each size, buy a couple of refill packs and make some liners of my own using theirs as a template, since I suspect they'll be a while coming over the Atlantic and I dread to think how many suitcases it would take to bring over a year's supply of liners!
For those of you whose wholefood stores don't sell all the sizes, the G Diaper website has a Shop and you can buy massive refill packs and individual covers online.

I just found this blog and am so happy I did! We were planning on trying the g diapers and wanted some feed back on what they are like and how well they work. Now I know for sure we are going to try them. They may not be as earth friendly as cloth but its better than the disposables weve been using for the past year! Cloth just would not work for us. Thanks

I have been using g's on my son for 2 months, and WE LOVE THEM! once you get the system down and the sizing right, no leaks, no problems at all! I have no complaints at all, they are great! and they work with other inserts/cloth just fine also, I will be sticking with these forever(well until we potty train). Thank you g-diapers!!ps I will say we had a few leak problems/flushing problems/fit problems at the beginning but the company is great at helping over the phone and this was all resolved very quickly.

I LOVE G diapers! We have a 1906 bungalow with low flush toilets and as long as I swish well, we are ok. Even my husband can deal with the poopy ones. They are a little more work than other diapers, cost about the same as disposables (for your wallet, much cheaper for Mother Earth). And for us, living in a drought state, better for our water bill. We have noticed no increase. Two inserts at nite works fine and once you get the fit right, no leaking.

I would highly recommend them!!!

We love the G diapes! At home we use cloth inserts or doublers instead of the flushable inserts which we save for when we're out. It saves money and is a great mix between disposables and cotton.

We tried g dipes for a month and never had any success. We had leaks every time we used them and found that they were more expensive than disposable dipes! So we switched to a pocket cloth diaper and couldn't be more happy. Anyone want my g diaper wraps? We have 1 green and 1 blue.

Kali I would love your wraps, I am going to try these. daisymathison@msn.com

Sorry it was to Jen, I would love to try your wraps if you still have them.

Has anyone tried the new 365 diapers at Whole Foods? I switched from 7th Gen. and I really like them but recently my son developed a rash just around the diaper. I was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience.

We love these, too! We've been using G Diapers on our 22 month old for 6 months & love them. If you buy the refills by the case @ Whole Foods you get a 10% discount (call first to make sure they have enough in stock). We just wash them in the sink with baby shampoo, since we are sans washer/dryer. This works great & is super fast. I am purely selfish so not having a diaper pail is reason enough for me to use these. I'll be using them on #2, due in 5 weeks!

I tried the 365 diapers for my now 5 year old son, and he also had a very bad allergic reaction. If I remember correctly, they are corn based? We had to give the rest away. You've gotta love the innovation, though. The G diapers sound great...we typically do a combo of Bumpkins (all in one cloth) and 7th Generation disposables for the baby, but I must say I'm intrigued. Now would be a good time to try it because we're about to go up a size in Bumpkins.

OK I just went to their website and read about them (G diapers) and am quite excited. This could change my life...URBAN MAMAS...have I told you lately how much I love you!

Thank you SO much for this blog!!! I have really wanted to try the g diapers, and now after reading all the comments on them, I am definitely giving them a try. Thank you so much!

They work. By golly they work! So far not one messy experience or leak. Even my husband is into them, and he's a hard sell. We've been using a 7th Gen. at night because it needs to hold out for several hours, but I might try a G diaper with a cloth diaper doubler when I'm feeling really adventurous.

I am so happy with g diapers! They have been the answer to relieving my environmental guilt but still indulging my lazy laundry gene. It took about a week to get into the groove of changing, reloading, flushing and composting. We had a nighttime leak the first night but it was because I put the 2nd insert (folded in half) in the center of the diaper as recommended by the website for girls. I didn't think about the fact that my daughter sleeps on her belly (bum in the air) so everything flows forward anyway. Once we started putting the doubler in the front we have not had a single nighttime leak and she's a big drinker before bedtime. So, before you start using them, just look to see what the disposable diaper looks like in the morning to get an idea of where the doubler will work best. Really glad we started using these!

Okay so I just thoroughly navigated the g-diaper websight and I'm sold. Now to try them out on a night-leaky kind of guy. I'll keep you posted. I'm so glad that this thread has been active for so long. I noticed when it first came up but it took reading the further developments and pondering for a while to convince me. Thanks!

Wild Oats is doing a cross-promotion with gDiapers, so the starter pack is only $19.99. Also, if you sign up for the gDiapers emails you get coupons and stuff.

I'm looking forward to trying them. I love the idea of putting poop where it belongs--in the toilet! I'm also looking forward to composting the wet diapers.

has anyone here used Tushies diapers? 7th Generation disposables are unbleached, but they do still have the gel, which is why someone mentioned their baby got blisters! :( Tushies are now sold at New Seasons. I havent had my baby yet, and we are planning on doing cloth, but i was wondering about Tushies for those certain times (with the grandparents, etc)..

Saw this on craigslist:

GDiapers - free to good home

Reply to: sale-276308592@craigslist.org
Date: 2007-02-09, 7:45PM PST

GDiapers (awesome FLUSHABLE diapers) fabric covers and liners. 6 covers in green, blue, red, orange. About 12 liners. All size Large. All clean and in good shape. Our daughter outgrew them.
Call 503.250.1767 or reply to email. FREE - come and get 'em

Location: NE Portland
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

PostingID: 276308592

I have four children and my own business. Twin 10 month olds are still in diapers. I wanted to do cloth but there was no way that I could add to our already mountain of laundry. The G diapers are such a great alternative and work great even in our 1920's house! As long as you make sure they are torn apart correctly and swished and separated they flush just as well as a toddler using alot of flushable wipes or toilet paper for that matter. I LOVE THEM!!!

Okay...so I saw someone said they are using a cloth insert for at home. Which one

Just checked out Gdaipers per Martha Stewarts show today. I ordered them for my 2 kiddos age 4 and 20 months who both wear the same size. I too am attracted to the idea of human waste going in the toilet where it belongs and no smell plus my 20 mo old daughter not being able to go through the dirty diapers also is a big plus. I would love to hear more from people who tried them. I will post after I get and try ours. Both my kiddos sleep through the night so I might stick with disposible for over night. We'll see.

Hello everyone!
I just found this post and glad that it is still up and running. We absolutely LOVE gdiapers and have been using them since our daughter was 3mths old...she is now 16mths! We had our issues in the beginning, leaks, fit etc. But nothing can hold down a "blowout"! We obviously have the kinks worked out by now! I do wish they would upgrade the liners, they do seem to lose their form but it could also be the way I was them...I think we have 8 covers and numerous liners which I think is a good rotation. Once I flush the insert, I open up the liner (un-snap one end) and hang them to "dry" in the bathroom. I also fill them up and have them ready to go on the changing table. We also bring them out and about...we are exclusive gdiaper user. We don't use an extra insert at night either. We did in the beginning but it seemed a waste. She does have some leaks but it is usually from wrong fit or an unusually amount of water drank before bed.

All in all I would highly recommend gdiapers. They have great customer service and the product is good for the environment. Cloth diapers are comparable but the amount of water it takes to wash them...are they that friendly to the environment? And who likes to take the time to srape poo off a diaper?? Not me!

Hope this helps! Cheers,

Just got them, and I LOVE them. They rock. And her tush looks so cute! I had read that I can put the inserts in the trash, though... I am doing that right now, until I get used to the rhythm. Plus, I am afraid that my toilet (which clogs ALL THE TIME) might get angry with me... I'll do the flush test soon, though!

So here's the rundown on my first few days with g diapers:

Day One
Picked up the starter kit at Whole Foods while shopping for groceries. Read the product info on the back, the "swishstick" is a little frightening, but weighing swishstick against the conventional's 500 years in a landfill makes me pick up the pack. While unloading groceries, my husband sees the package, is drawn in by the "coolness" of the design, and instantly turns his nose up at the concept of coming in such close contact with poo. Undaunted by his attitude, I decided to give the g diaper a trial by fire and put it on overnight to see how it'll hold up.

Day Two
My daughter Violet is a solid sleeper at 9 months so the diaper was on a total of 9.5 hours. I wasn't expecting a dry bed as even the leading conventional diaper rarely holds up to this test, but was elated to find clean sheets and a happy baby. When I opened up the g pants the disposable liner had bunched a little in the front, but it didn't seem to effect the absorbancy factor. I pulled the disposable out (the areas that were tucked under the snap-in liner were dry) and proceeded to the bathroom. I tore open the disposable, shook out the inner core, and flushed the core and shell in two flushes. Thankfully didn't have to use the swishstick.

Day Six
Getting the hang of having a couple of snap-in liners ready for quick changes. That method seems to be just as easy for me as using a brand new g pant at every change. No blow outs, though I'm sure it's inevitable that they'll occur just like with any other brand of diaper. The Hubby's come around to the idea of using them too. Now I just have to get the Grandparents on the plan and we're all set! For the record, I still haven't had to use the swishstick, and the plumbing's held up just fine.

Hi I'm interested in getting some of these anyone who hated them willing to part with them?

Medium for now.

I tried the G Diaper twice. One pee and it soaked through onto my lap each time. Instead I use Tidee Didee cloth diaper service for day, disposables at night.

Hey there,

We started using gDaipers with my little girl right after she was born. When she was really small, we got by with only 2 covers and cloth diapers. Until she was about 2 months old, she didn't pee enough to wet through a cloth diaper so we didn't even use the liners. As she got bigger I bought 4 covers and we continued to use them with the cloth diapers. We never really liked the liners. At our house, they clogged up the toilet pretty consistently.

When she was about 5 months, we fell off the cloth diaper wagon and started using disposables. We use Seventh Generation despite the expense, because they are the best, softest, and most absorbent, and we've tried it all. They are more economical if you order them from 1800diapers.com.

Now that my daughter is almost a year old I want to get her back into cloth so she can learn what it feels like when she pees. I love the gDiaper covers so I'm thinking of ordering them again.

Has anyone tried g diapers with a septic system and if so, how did it go? The website says to check the outcome by looking into the septic tank after flushing. A little easier said than done in our case and I am not exactly sure what to look for??

I've been using the G's on my 18 m.o. son for over 2 months. I will admit, there is a "learning curve" with them. You do need to perfect your diapering technique but, once you get it... you're golden. I've never seen a cuter bum in my life. I actually enjoy seeing his diaper peek pass his pants and when people ask what kind of diaper he has on, my hubby and I just gush on and on about them. And my hubby was very skeptical at first, not anymore though. We have about 8 covers, 16 liners, and inserts always in the house. I do use microfiber cloths (found at the auto store or aisle)and fleece when at home to help save $$ and also use a microfiber cloth under the liner at night for extra protection. We do have the occasional leak but, it's usually because I waited more than 3 hrs. for a change. Oops! We LOVE our G's though and their customer service is TOPS!! If you are really interested in being earth friendly and want an alternative to cloth and disposibles TRY THEM!! BTW, I have an OLD septic and had a little issue with our older pipes but, the septic guy we had said he didn't think there would be any issue with them in the septic as long as we replaced one line of pipe. Hope this helps someone make a good green choice!! Go green!

We just got the G diapers for my 20 month old son this past Monday, and I love it. I agree with Tabby though, you do have to perfect the technique, but, once that's done, they are GREAT! I am expecting baby #3 on the way in August and thought it might be a good idea to try them on my son first, and I am definitely going with the G's. I wish I would have known about them when my first son was born. Although, I am thinking of cutting costs by using microfiber liners, while at home anyway and disposables while out and about.

Tabby, I'm interested in the liners you use. A lot of the microfiber liners I have seen online say not to use them directly on baby's skin because they might dry it out?? What has your experience been??

All in all, LOVE the G's and can't wait to use them on the next baby! I also REALLY enjoy the fact that we are doing something great for the environment! Something I'd like to teach my kids while still young!

Can anyone recommend cloth inserts that work well with the g diaper covers? I am new to the g diaper / cloth set up. Thanks.

We love g diapers. I feel great about not throwing diapers into the trash and flushing them. I tried cloth with my first child and the flushables are much easier. The only problem I've had is they tend to be smaller than the sizes say after one time in the dryer. My baby has little rolls that she's had since the day she was born and has stayed that way on breast milk. So, I guess you've got to be careful how you dry them.

I've recently tried gDiapers, and I'd love to hear how other mothers have gotten past the "hands on" issue. I'm all for flushable/biodegradable, but am I missing an essential technique? It's annoying handling all that wet and poopy stuff enough to get a good grip and tear off the side and then turn it inside out. With disposables, I can keep my hands entirely away from the icky parts, most of the time!

hmm.....we have not really had a good experience with the Gdiaper. First of all, I can't understand how using 5-7 gallons of water for each diaper (at least, unless they get stuck) is environmentally friendly. This makes no sense. It takes chemicals and energy to treat that water and reclaim it on the other end even if they do use the solid matter for fertilizer. Secondly, they really do leak quite easily compared to other products. We have play with the liner a lot and the result is still leaks at least half of the time. If you kid has some big poops, skip the G.

just a follow up to my comment on the gdiaper. I just checked their website and the main environmental argument for their product is keeping diapers out of landfills. Unfortunately, we live in a world where there are so many environmental problems that some must take precedent over others. In this area at least, we are NOT facing a crisis as to where to bury our trash, but we may well be facing a crisis in the near future over sources of freshwater and water conservation. Therefore, I feel like this feature of the gdiaper does not hold water (excuse the pun). Are there any Urban Mamas out there who are hydrologists or environmental scientists who could clarify this for me? Thanks.

I am certainly not an enviornmental scientist, but I can say that we only flush our g's after we have sufficently used the toilet and a flush is called for. (This means the bowl has been peed in a few times, and it all goes down in one flush with a dirty g. "If it's yellow, let it mellow...") I haven't measured our water flow and compared it to what it took to wash cloth diapers or anything, but it seems like we are doing pretty well.

As for leaks...we don't seem to get them (?) Don't know what we're doing differently. I guess they just work for us.

I have been using the G diapers for a month with my newborn and have found them to be utterly wonderful. I have also been skeptical however as to the environmental impact on flushing my toilet that much during the day (and we are also mellow with the yellow) So I instead have adopted the it's okay to throw it away philosophy. I place the dirty diaper in a biodegradable bag and feel comfortable that it is, at least, decomposing in the landfill.

I am interested in trying the G diapers as my son has all of the sudden started breaking out with all disposable diapers... Can I only order them online? Or can I buy them locally? I live in Vancouver Wa. I hate to spend too much on them if they do not work for us. Also, are they true to size? My son is 15 months but, he only weighs 19 pounds. What size would I need to get? Any advise. Thanks in advance

Ashley, get a medium for your son, you can buy a 'starter kit' at a wild oats, new seasons, or whole foods...at least if you're across the river, I don't know about availability over in WA. I've even seen them at Fred Meyers. I highly recommend them, both for ease and reliability -- esp. with the blowout problem!
Good luck!

I just bought the starter kit at my local Whole Foods today and am so happy I tried them out. I really love the environmentally friendly aspect of it, the "no stink" factor and how cute the covers are. I thought my husband would be a hard sell and think they were too much trouble, but he really likes how soft and comfy it is on our 2 month old daughters skin. She had 3 major messy poop incidents (one while sitting on his lap!!!) and the levee held each time. Flushing wasn't bad since I used the swizzle stick, and I had several liners filled and ready to go, so I didn't find the diaper changes to be much more work than usual, which surprised me.We doubled up the inserts and will try out how they work overnight next!

I am going to try these g diapers but think I would like to try using the cloth insets/doublers at home. Can anyone recommend which work well with these??

Hi urbanMamas,

Today's Dear Dr.MOZ has a "gDiapers VS 7th Generation" post so I thought we shoot a TrackBack your way because it appears that you beat us to the topic. Keep up the great blogging urbanMamas!


Still better for the earth even if you dispose... I really like the gdiapers so far - no leaks or blowouts and baby seems comfortable. Spending the extra money to use them for environmental reasons, but my husband thinks they are too much work and too much mess for flushing (he changes a lot of diapers and is used to the old ways with baby #1) - so our solution is that he throws his away. Still takes less of a toll on the environment since they are cradle-to-cradle certified.

I use both gDiapers and 7th Generation. I find 7th Generation a little more handy for the diaper bag, but I use gDiapers at home. As for the look of them, I like that the 7th Generation diapers are khaki colored and plain and I like the cute red and orange gDiapers pants. You will laugh at this, but what kept me from using gDiapers until a few months ago is that they don't flush in our low flow toilets (and we have mopped up our share of messes because of them). BUT, I had a small epiphany a few months ago when I realized that you don't HAVE to flush them, I could still just throw them in my diaper pail as I do with the 7th Generation diapers (I heard they decompose in a matter of weeks as opposed to 500 years...). Gee, why didn't I think of that before?! Anyway, just wanted to share. When I use the gDiapers I smile each time because I know my efforts are going to make an impact in some small way for the planet for my baby girl and boy.

Hi all,
We have been using gDiapers for about 9 months now (my little one just turned 10 months). We have never had a leak through and love gDiapers. Lately it is getting hard to find the refills. I bought some organic cotton diapers and use them in the gPants and they work really well. Currently we trade between cloth and gDiaper refills. I recommend these diapers to anyone-- once you start using them you will find that the extra "work" they take in changing becomes second nature and you won't even think about it. In fact, I think of the gDiapers as our convenient diapers (over the cloth) because once you are done with them you are truly done with them! If it is too much work to flush them you can still feel pretty good about tossing them into the trash. To those above who experience leaks, my guess is you are not putting them on right (literally we NEVER have leaks and our little one sleeps through the night in a gDiaper). The gDiapers website has a video to watch on how to put them on correctly. Maybe you could try again? Good luck.

Amy and all,
I have noticed the refill problem as well. I just spoke with someone at New Seasons on Portland to let them know they need to order more M-L refills than small refills, because only infants to 13 lbs. use small, and all other babies need medium. He said he would adjust their future orders. (Someone over at G-Headquarters suggested I do this...I forgot her name!) Maybe you should mention it at your local store as well.
G be with you,

Ok, I'm sold. You guys convinced me they work. I'm going to Whole Foods tomorrow to pick up my starter pack! Now if only my 9 month old would sleep 9- 12 hours like your kids....

Hmm. I have mixed feelings about these. We were thrilled at first and used them from hour 1 in combination with cloth. Litteraly my daughters first diaper was a G-diaper. We used them onn and off for 3-4 months. We didn't have trouble flushing much and we liked the concept. BUT I had a few qualms. First, we did get frequent leaks, mostly with side sleeping/lap sleeping. Second. My kid developed very wide hip bones (skinny waist and thighs) waist) early on and so we started to have trouble because there are portions of the hooky velcro on the inside of the cover, and it became harder and harder not to let it rub her. She exploded through tthe medium covers (and many other types of medium diapers in a few weeks around 4-5 months. We almost never used the Gs Honestly we never bought the large ones. I still have a mostly full package of inserts.

The other thing was practicality. We use cloth at home, and G's ended up being as annoying or more annoying than cloth while out and about, though I did get pretty good at no swish flushes. Second. The other reason we end up using disposables is that I can't get the grandparents on board with cloth, and believe me, they would not touch the Gs.

But I hear they're re-designing the cover, so maybe we'll try again.

what's being overlooked here is to potty train your children early! someone posted a 5 year old in diapers? are you kidding? if you're worried about the environment, train your kids to use a toilet before they're 18 months old! btw, biodegradable disposable diapers exist... in europe. we ordered some and they were fantastic! my guess is huggies or pampers bought the rights to sell/produce them in the us, just so they could control the market... happens all the time in other disciplines.

I bought the starter kit for my daughter, but the refill is quite expensive, so I "usually" use cloth diaper inside the gpants, and if you wanna make sure it doesn't leak(it's easily to happen when you use cloth diaper), you can add one cloth liner also. And I think that works fine! And I've ordered those flushable liner to put on top of the cloth diaper so it's easier to get rid of the poop from the cloth diaper. In that way... gpants are great for cloth diapers really!!! Sometimes you know next change will have poop, then you use the flushable gdiaper liners!!
I think no matter what, gdiaper surely is much more evironment friendly than others for sure!
PS: I think at least in S. CA. I found the gdiaper cheaper in wild oats than whole food.

Three months and going strong, still no leaks to speak of. I've done some price comparison and found that New seasons sells the g's for the cheapest, Fred Meyer next and Whole Foods was 4 dollars more than N.Seasons!
Also, I've put some of the wet G's in my compost and they were almost completely decomposed in two weeks! Beat that Huggies!

How many inserts will I need for a newborn per month?

All the comments I read on these diapers is on flushing. I've never had a problem flushing them. What I DO have a problem with is having to clean the liner every single time the baby poops. Pee is fine. Works as advertised. Every poop gets all over the liner. Not the cotton cover - those only seem to get poop on them every 3 or 4 poops. But the snap in liner gets pooped on every time. I don't mind tearing the insert and swishing it with the stick. What I do mind is washing off poop form the liner by hand a few times a day every day.

We tried these when the baby was a newborn and I emailed the company about the poopy liners and their comment was "it's hard to fit newborns. try again when she's bigger." Well we just tried again now that she's 6mo and the first poop she made resulted in me washing a liner.

It's just not worth it. I'm going back to disposables.

Peter, I totally agree. Not to mention how icky it is to have to really get your hands into it to get the things torn open (after carrying it all to the bathroom, after finding a place to put the little baby, but before you've been able to wash your hands, and so on.) I never could get the hang of these things. Sigh.

We have been using gdiapers for over 2 years now. We have a cloth diaper service, and use the cloth liners with the gdiaper covers most of the time.

Flushing the biodegradeable liners doesn't really work that well, so we just throw them out when we use them. It's definitely extra work to use cloth or the regular gdiaper liners, but I think worth it if you're able to make it work.

We're just about to order the new covers for our newborn son. If you are using cloth, I would highly recommend using gdiapers -- just remember you need to use newborn size diapers.

I think I’d like to try these but my daughter is between sizes. She’s about 25 lbs but skinny…

Does anyone have Med or Large covers they are looking to part with? I’d like to try out the size to make sure I do not buy something too small or too big.

Thanks! jpmcgovern@gmail.com

We have a newborn and love the g diapers. I admit, we haven't been flushing (not enough time in my world and new baby diapers don't smell). The gs can be thrown away with little guilt because there is no plastic (their website assures you that throwing away, just like a disposable is environmentally friendly as well). So, don't be afraid to use them because the flushing freaks you out. I don't mean to badmouth cloth, but they were way too bulky for a newborn...

i am a grandmotherand started way back dressing my girls in terrytowel diapers - Clumsy , bulky etc
And expensive to have a couple of dozen when more than one child is in them. Lots of laundry too ! Also forget worrying about fingers in poo never hurt anyone just messy and I have washable fingers ! I have been reading with fascination about G diapers
Firstly it would pay the company to have a
try out package as normal curiosity needs to be resolved without paying out too much initially. Greta idea and i am sure this will develop over time !
Keep it up - I will be practicing with my next Grandchild as each one offers me a new learning curve
GREAT ! From a student of life !!

insider tip: the refills on gdiaper.com are going on sale tonite (12/3/07) for something like $44!! If you're thinking of purchasing, wait until this evening! Also, the rep (GREAT customer service!!!) said to buy the starter kits as they are very economical (in comparison to buying the covers individually). She said you go through an average of a case of refills a month and recommends 6 covers per size. Can't wait to order my first g diapers! :0) (tonite of course!!!)

Thanks for all the G-diaper info, I can't wait to try.

I have been using Nature Baby (naty.com) that are available at Target for only about $1.50 more than the same count of huggies or pampers.

They are exactly like a disposable diaper and work wonderfully, no leaks to speak of, even through the night. My daughter even stopped getting little rashes.

Meg: Thanks for the info on Nature Baby. I was checking out the site and was wondering if they were available in the us. Completely biodegradable, huh? I can't wait to try them out.

I was at the Mall 205 Target tonight and couldn't find the Nature Baby diapers. I was going to ask about them, but had too much other stuff to get done in a short period of time. Next time.

I used those when Milo was born (they were called Nature Boy Nature Girl then) but I could only get them at Wild Oats in Kansas City, and then they disappeared completely. I liked them a lot when I could find them.

Hello all,
Just thought I'd share my experience with the G diapers...I love them, I love not having the "diaper smell" in my apartment and that I"m being better to the enviornment. I agree that it does take awhile to get the technique down, give yourself a good two weeks before totally giving up. In the beginning you might experience leaks and red marks on your little ones from closing too tight (I have a little one with chunker legs)Agreed the customer service is excellent!!! they get right back to you with detailed, personlized anserws. Also the new little G's are MUCH better designed than the old ones, much more room and the plastic insert is roomier. So altogether me and my hard selling husband are BIG fans of the Gdiapers!!

Hello all,
Just thought I'd share my experience with the G diapers...I love them, I love not having the "diaper smell" in my apartment and that I"m being better to the enviornment. I agree that it does take awhile to get the technique down, give yourself a good two weeks before totally giving up. In the beginning you might experience leaks and red marks on your little ones from closing too tight (I have a little one with chunker legs)I do have a nightime ritual, I put all my Gdiapers together for the next day so they are readily available to me and I don't have to worry with my wiggle worm on the changing table. Agreed the customer service is excellent!!! they get right back to you with detailed, personlized anserws. Also the new little G's are MUCH better designed than the old ones, much more room and the plastic insert is roomier. So altogether me and my hard selling husband are BIG fans of the Gdiapers!!

I LOVE G DIAPER!!!!!!! They work great for us. Poopy one's can be gross, but all poopy diapers, cloth, disposable, or whatever type of diaper you use are gross. I only flush the poopy ones and garbage the wet one's to cut back on the toilet visit's and water usage. Night time has been great, I double up on the liner for the "in case" factor, so far great experience. From some of the comments I've read, it seems like quite a few people havn't taken the time to read the "tips" and such found on the Gdiaper website or called the company for the help or questions they have about the gdiaper. Inform yourself first before giving up on the gdiaper, they really do work very well, and yes they cost the same as disposables for me because I live in Canada and I have to pay for the $60 shipping and customs,( the shipping has nothing to do with Gdiaper company. So for residents of the US, don't complain about the price. It's all worth it in the long run, especially if you decide to have more then 1 child. Cheers!!!! Live and Love green.

FULL DISCLOSURE: We sell cloth diapers but no comment or post is ever intended to be an advertisement.

Most of this discussion has been about the performance of this product. But I have seen a couple of comments regarding the environmental benefits of g diapers and I wanted to provide a couple of thoughts on that issue.

I think it is important to remember that the unique thing that g diapers brings to the party is that they are flushable. Unfortunately, putting the liner in a garbage bag that will be heading to a landfill will still result in your diapers outliving you. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news on that one.

On another note, it also seems many people don't realize that g diapers use the same chemical gel for absorbency found in other disposable diapers (the only exception to this is Tushies). So if avoiding exposure to sodium polyacrylate is one of your goals in considering diapering options, unfortunately choosing g diapers isn't the way to go.

...and, yes, like g diaper, Nature Boy and Girl diapers contain sodium polyacrylate for absorbency.

D-E-S-P-I-S-E them. (clearing throat) That is too say they did not work for us, they combined the worst of all worlds cloth and sposy, and added some new annoyances of its own. I had to wash the liner every time he defecated or change him entirely cover, liner and clothes. That's every time he did that or urinated, which made it more work than pre-folded cloth and covers. They were difficult to prepare on the go and left red marks on him, just as the sposies and was a complete drain on my finances, even more so than the sposies both in price and quantity required. We tried them for a little less than a month and decided NEVER AGAIN! I decided that if I wanted to work this hard I'd do REAL CLOTH. So I did. Four months later, I CD for a quarter of the cost, no hassle with the toilet plunger or rinsing by hand and my son sleeps in his pocket diapers without leaks for upto 12 hours! The Gs plastic liners stained while my wool diapers do not. Plus my pockets are one size, which means one purchase for however many years and children I want to diaper. No buying different sizes for tandem diapering. No diaper is perfect, but my Happy Heiny's One Size come close. I'll stack up my leak laundry against any disposable anytime. They come in fun prints and colors too. (Did I mention the wool makes the diaper feel dry!) I have nothing to do with the HH company, and I'm moderately interested in the environment but I do care about my bottom line (no pun intended) and CDing works better than G's and the majority of sposies. Every other mom who's ever tried Gs in my circle was unimpressed, we didn't know we'd all tried and hated till it came out in conversation. I'm told the Gs work better on older children, and I followed all the company's advice, but eventually decided I was wasting more time changing outfits and sheets while I waited for the product to work.

I just bought the starter pack at WildOats, and may go online to their website and get a few more covers, they are so cute ! I had my 15 mo. daughter in it for 4 hours and when I changed it she was happy and only the disposable was wet. I figure I can use a cloth insert too once she's had her daily poop! IThe website gives great instructions on the fit and how to get it right. She's 21 lbs and in a med but I cannot imagine she'll be in it too long, its a snug fit. One thing, just keep the swish stick in the little toilet brush holder and forget the hook!
Life is dirty, don't be afraid to swish! Just wash those hands :)

Although G diapers are a very nice alternative to disposables, they can't beat cloth in terms of environmental appeal and cost. Still, it's nice to have eco-friendly options on the market that can accommodate a wide range of families. I blog about my adventures in eco-diapering at www.greenbabyguide.com, where we believe it's possible to save time, money and the planet!

I love these diapers. They were the only diaper that could hold the messy BM from our breasfed baby. And being able to flush the mess away is the best part.

The key to this diaper is the fit. It took a few tries, but now it's easy.

For daycare we have to have disposables. So we use Nature Babycare which are almost 100% compostable.

Both Nature Babycare and gdiapers can be found at www.diapers.com.

Grossed out by the poop factor, I quickly dismissed the notion of using cloth diapers. Disgusted by the thought of diapers lying a landfill for centuries (yes - that long!), I decided to inconvenience myself by spending a tiny bit more money ($276/yr) and investing a bit of time getting use to the G diaper. The flushing process looked like a pain. But, after the first day and first rancid diaper flushed away, my husband and I were hooked! They are great! Most important, our baby is comfortable in them. They are way cute. And they take a minimum effort in comparison to the environmental gain. Even if we don't flush every one of the diapers, there is serious peace of mind in knowing the diapers will degrade in a landfill vs. the traditional disposables we were using. We will probably use one disposable a day (overnight) vs. the 6-8 we were using. We're not perfect. But, it's progress. I'm happy to have these super cute and easy-to- use diapers as a small way to do something green. I'm telling all my friends about these!!!

One of the posters wished she could just get the pants and you can on the gdiapers website. I bought gdiapers before my son was even born because I was so psyched when I read about them. Sadly, we can't flush them due to our cast iron plumbing (the outer part snags in the line) but they fit my son very well and I have tried several varaitions...putting a prefold in them, putting the flushable into a WAHM diaper cover (before he grew into the gdiaper pants) and putting a microfiber insert in the gdiaper. All of these have worked to some degree. I ended up using fuzzi bunz most of the time (my day care will even change them--woohoo!) but as the weather warms up I might try to compost the flushable and see how that goes. Part of the allure to me is that they don't have to go into the trash and even though I shouldn't feel bad about throwing them away, I would rather not. I will be buying the medium pants soon. I was disappointed to read some gdiaper "slams" by cloth diaper faithful on another website; these are a great idea and so much better than using "landfill" diapers.

I'm very interested in g diapers, and woild LOVE to try, But I live in an 65 years old apartment building and I don't think our toilet can bear flushing g diapers.
And of course,I can't compost either, in an apartment in the middle of a city.

Would using g diapers still environmently 'better' than disposable, if I just throw them in the garbage?

I recently discovered g diapers and have been curious to try them. After reading all the (mixed) reviews, I have definitely decided to give g diapers a try. We are currently using Pampers on my 10 week old and have no problems with them, except for the 500 year issue!!! We tried the 7th Generation diapers and my son broke out terribly (he has very sensitive skin). I would love to use cloth, but unfortunately I work full time and just don't think it is ideal for us right now. My only concern with the g diapers is the cost. It seems to me that they are slightly more costly than what we are currently using, but based on the review, they definitely seem worth the extra few dollars! I can't wait to pick up a starter kit at our Better Health store!

I am not due for 2.5 months yet with my first. My husband and I have decided to cloth diaper with a diaper service and so I have been collecting covers from consignment stores for a while. Two covers I picked up were small gdiapers. I am thinking of using the small covers with the plastic snap liners snapped inside and the cloth diaper inside of that. Do you think this will work or is my perception of cloth diapering far from the reality? I have read on other postings that people are using the gdiaper covers with cloth diapers but never having cloth diapered I have no idea 1-how to do it to begin with and 2-what my experience will be like? Any help out there? Thanks

This is for Tammy, I read this entire blog today and no one has answered you! Sad thing is, my question is the same as yours. There is hope for us though! My doula makes her own cloth diapers and I e-mialed her to ask which cloth inserts would be best. I may end up making my own. I don't know how crafty you are but I read that you just sew a few layers of cotton fabic together for the absorbancy and use fleece for the outside. If you make your own, you can replicate the size and thickness of the flushable liner. I'll keep you updated but in the meantime I measured the flushable liner for you and it's about 12 1/2 inches by 6 inches. If you can find a cloth insert about that size, i'm sure it would work perfectly!
That's exactly what I'm doing!

Tammy, sorry I forgot to add... I tried taking a standard cloth diaper and folding it to fit within the g and it's too bulky. The vinyl liner wouldn't seal well enough around the legs. I don't know if that rules out your diaper service idea. Sorry!

Thanks for the info. Jenni! I am bummed it didn't seal well enough around the leg. I thought the g diaper leg closures looked a little more loose than the other covers I have and wondered if that would be a problem. It looks like it should work like a charm with the cloth inserted in there! I am trying to avoid the issue of cleaning my own diapers if I use cloth, hence the service but I am wondering, instead of trying to be crafty and sew cotton together and then the fleece, if I do attempt to do at home cloth, couldn't I just buy the prefolds and cut them into the 12.5 x 6 inches, sew some fleece to that and call it a day? Would that work or am I completely clueless?! I am taking a cloth diaper class this weekend so I will take a gdiaper with me and ask them what they think!! I will let you know!

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