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Fuzzi Bunz: a pdx wild-goose chase

I used Fuzzi Buzz dipes for our second daughter.  We love them through and through!  Now that our second girl is now out of diapers (yipee!), we want to keep the fuzzi bunz love going.

As one of those 'stretched to the limit' sorta mamas (yeah, whatever), I had 1 hour last Friday to find a coupla fuzzis as a gift at a colleague's baby shower.  I checked the Fuzzi website to find that there were only two Fuzzi retailers in Oregon: one in Eugene and one in Grants Pass (which is where I made one big original fuzzi order way back when).  I thought to myself, "what the????"  I could've sworn that at least one Portland kiddie shop carried the Fuzzis.  I surfed onto Mother Nature's and saw that they carried Fuzzis.  BUT, did they have any?  Alas, a call over to Mother Nature's told me there were no Fuzzis to be had.  In fact, I was told that Fuzzi Bunz hadn't fulfilled an order for months and months and that Fuzzi-luvin' parents were frantically trying to find them all throughout the Portland area!  I was surprised at the story.  The last bit of info from our conversation was that only one other retailer carried the Fuzzis in Portland, a primarily-online retailer BabyWorks.

It was 11:10 am and I was on SE Clinton and I had to find the Fuzzi Bunz (size medium, preferably in bright colors!) and get back to the office (such a fun-filled place for a baby shower!) by 11:30.  I 411-ed BabyWorks, confirmed availability of my needs, and zipped on over to a live/work space in the NW.  When I walked into BabyWorks, I was in awe at this treasure!  Organic cotton baby layettes, varied diapering systems, beautiful diaper bags.... and the oh-so important flushable Kushi diaper liners, which - until today - we've only been able to find at two Portland stores (Mother Nature's and Milagros).  I felt lucky that we had this online shop headquartered in Portland.

The women at BabyWorks were helpful and very busy.  I arrived at the baby shower at 11:34 am, with a package of a bright orange fuzzi and a bright red fuzzi, each stuffed with a Mother of Eden fleecy liner.

All of this to say: uMamas, BabyWorks is awesome!  Since they are primarily online retailers, their retail hours are limited, so check the website for details.


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Just wanted to add a few words about Funnibunz and Babyworks.

With regards to Fuzzibunz, there are lots of online moms who sell new Fuzzibunz (I know it is best to support local, but they are WAHM whom I am happy to support too...if there is trouble finding them in town!) I got my set from www.softclothbunz.com and she has had all colors available, good package deals and fast shipping, etc.

With regards to Babyworks, I have not yet purchased or been there, but I have heard and read on their website that they have a fabulous exchange/return policy. I believe that you can even return washed or slightly used diapers...if the case is that you are trying to find out which cloth works best for you...so a great resource if you are thinking to take the plunge!

The BabyWorks store space is wonderful! Toys for the kids to play with, comfy chairs for breastfeeding, a changing table so you can try on the diapers (they gave me a 'comp' diaper so I could try a new cover!) and wonderfully helpful people. Oh, and the gallon jugs of BioKleen Bac-Out that you don't want to pay to ship. It's a great place to shop for baby showers and don't forget to check out the sales bins -- organic cotton clothes and toys.

Thanks, Rebecca, for the shout-out for WAHM enterprises. I also ordered a bulk from www.softclothbunz.com. Great packages, service, and prices!

I went to BabyWorks just to check it out, and ended up staying over an hour.... and spending a small fortune! They have everything a clothdiapering mama could want and I couldn't resist trying lots of new stuff. They will also encourage you to try on the diapers or covers on your babe before buying so you're sure to get the right size. A fantastic store; I only wish they were closer to my house!

Yeah, Babyworks!

They didn't have a retail store back when I bought diaper covers from them, and yes, they were totally cool about me returning (used!) the Nikki's that didn't fit and sending me some Nijis to try instead. (The Nijis worked and are a wonderful cover, by the way)

I love that place! You can buy someone else's slightly used cloth "rejects." That's how I got super-cheap organic cloth diapers for Rowan. They also sell handmade, "Magic Cabin" style Waldorf dolls for less than the catalouges. I got one for Fionn when he was a baby, (still his favorite) and I want to get one for Rowan too...they are made to look like the child, hair color, eye color, skin tone. I ran into the lady who makes them there one day with Fionn and that was really special. Her brand is called "Wren's Nest." They have order forms there. Yay Portland!

Someone on craigslist is selling 35 of these, in case anyone is in the market. (I'm not the seller; i just came across the posting today) :)

I bought my Fuzzi Buns as seconds on eBay. They were being sold by the woman who created them and are new but slightly irregular. We have found that there's a slight variation in fit in a few of them, but are otherwise perfect. I believe we ended up getting them for $8-10 each for size medium. We bought the organic cloth diapers and inserts for them from Mother Nature's.

I'll definitely check out BabyWorks too -- sounds like a great place.

Also, heard that gdiapers are now being sold at New Seasons. They're disposable/biodegradable diapers that disolve in the toilet! Locally owned company as well.

Yes, New Seasons is locally owned - and yes they have G diapers. G diapers is not a locally owned company - they came from Australia.

I realize this is about a year too late but I just came across this article regarding Babyworks. I too am a huge fan of Babyworks and would like to add that it was started however many years ago by a mama. Whether you support WAHM or a more successful mama...they are not your standard "corporate" company. :)

I bought fuzzi bunz from a local mom who runs a cloth diaper business out of her home. She was fantastic about washing instructions, her prices were good, and she even delivered them to my door free of charge!


Mamas, this just in from another fan of Babyworks. urbanMama Kimberly writes:

I really love your site/blog and have learned a lot of groovy things from reading it. (Son is taking a sign class from PELP because of your site!)

Recently, I made the switch from disposable diapers to cloth and purchased a bunch of my materials online before discovering a REALLY cool biz right here in Portland! I think you guys should do a post or story or something about Paula at http://babyworks.com. She's been in the cloth diapering biz since (kinda) way before it was cool and somewhat glamorous. ;) She sells a LOT of quality products and is soooo super nice. I've been buying a lot of stuff from her recently and I just want to help her get as much exposure as possible, because I only found out about her accidentally while doing a Google search and then I just 'happened' to notice that she was in Portland! (NW 25th and Upshur.)

Anyway, thought I'd send her info your way in case you are interested. I've personally become a cloth diapering JUNKIE and it is in large part to all the help Paula has given me.

A note on FuzziBunz for the enviro & dollar-minded - - We started with them in the XS/S size and loved them for all the reasons you're hearing throughout this post. When it came time to switch up a size to M, I ran across BumGenius, which claimed to be adjustable from S to XL.

Liking the idea, I switched over, and aside from some minor wicking issues at the leg (not uncommon with ANY diaper) have been 100% happy. They adjust with velcro at the waist and snaps at the front. I do find the velcro on/off faster & easier than FuzziBunz's snaps now that my babe is constantly wiggling and flipping over on the changing table.

With BumGenius all the basic principles (washable insert, washable/waterproof "pant") are essentially the same as FuzziBunz. But you're only buying once (at a similar price point), and similarly only paying into production once for multiple sizes. So it's lighter on your wallet and also on the Earth.

Cool, right? Not sure who carries them in store as I bought mine online.


Hi mamas and mamas to be (and the papas too!). We are hosting a free cloth diapering 101 class at Milagros this Saturday, 5/23, at 11 am.

This casual gathering is a great opportunity to learn all about cloth diapering, get hands-on advice on diapering choices, etc.

Milagros is located at 5433 NE 30th Avenue, Portland, OR 97211 - more information at http://milagrosboutique.com

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