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Easter crafty goodness

A long time ago in a faraway place... (ie BC - before children), I used to do all kinds of things crafty.  Some would say I still do crafty things, but they are fewer and far between, sadly.  Now, with Easter fast approaching, and my son becoming of an age where we can do simple crafty things together, I'm digging up old resources for fun Eggy crafts.

My two favorite are from a long-time journaler/blogger, not martha.  Way back in the day, she posted the instructions for Easter Eggs a la cascarone... a hollowed out and dyed egg that is stuffed with goodies and confetti.  They are to be cracked on someone else's head to bring good fortune/luck/wealth.  I could be wrong but I think this is a Mexican tradition...  The other fun craft involves water balloons and paper mache.  It's basically tiny egg pinatas.  I used fun easter themed tissue paper to give these and eggy feel and filled them with yummy easter goodies (and fake grass of course).  I think the little mister might be fantastic at dyeing already emptied eggs (get out your souffle recipes!) and ripping some tissue paper to help the cause.  Maybe I can put all his boundless energy to good use!

Do you have any traditional spring or holiday crafts you share with your family?  Please share with us, too!


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My son wasn't at the arts & crafts stage last Easter, but one thing I like to do is to make Easter baskets out of spring-colored vellum paper. It's super easy: slice one inch off the longer length of the paper for the handle, then make cuts in the corners as if you were making a box and fold in and glue to make a box-shaped basket. One sheet makes one basket, enough to hold a few easter eggs if you put enough tape on it (or use grommets, brads or eyelets to hold the corners and the handle in place). This year I'll probably just dig out the ones I made last year and let my son decorate them with stickers and crayons. He's really into bunny rabbits right now too, so we might make some bunny puppets out of paper bags to decorate the yard for an Easter egg hunt, and then use those to fill with Easter candy for kids to take home afterward.

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