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Thanks for all the input on the walking group! Let's try it this Saturday.  I hope lots of you will come out and join out team of walking urbanMamas. The urbanMama running group has tried to meet most Saturdays at 8am at a designated place, so why not have walkers and runners meet at the same spot this week?

urbanMamas RUN & WALK
Saturday, February 18, 2006
8 AM

Eastbank Esplanade (the path near the OMSI north Parking Lot...)


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Oh man! We have guests coming in Friday night and we're hosting a brunch for them Sat morning so I'll have to miss this but I hope to walk with y'all next time!

Question for future walking meetups: is the walking group just for mamas or can we bring our babes in jogging strollers?

Mamas have brought babes in joggers to our runs, and I am sure it'd be an even smoother ride on a brisk walk. Bring them along! I would suggest that we do a count of who's bringing babes in joggers, so we can sure the terrain is smooth.

Can't wait to see everyone. It'll be blustery cold this Saturday, though...

Glad to see the opportunity to walk with you guys. However, with record low temps this weekend, I am going to be a wimp this time and take a pass!

Since my babysitter has a conference this weekend, I will be pushing a jogger up the hill. Can't wait to meet everyone......

Count me in too -- I'm excited to meet you all. Coming from Toledo/Detroit/Pittsburgh, I'm all too familiar with this weather. Leaving my Zoe at home with Dad, though.

i want to come, but i haven't been able to make it to my prenatal yoga class for the past two saturdays and i'm feeling oh so stiff as a result. so i think this week, stretching and yoga is in order. but soon, i will come, i promise!

I am thrilled to see a walkers group forming. I am new to this website and group, and I am excited to get involved. Planning on bringing myself and my 8 month old!

I'm also excited to see a walkers group forming! I hike about once a month right now, but wish I had more time during the week to get in more walking and hiking as the weekends tend to get pretty packed with my 2 kids' activities. I can't make it this Saturday because I've already got plans to take Ben to a playgroup.

I can't make this Saturday (moving my office) but I will be there next weekend! My prego bod is so out of shape...

Yahoo, will be there next week as we are currently in CA visiting the grandparents. So glad the group is forming.

Is the Saturday morning walk/run event still happening? I'm just finding out about this site and event and it's mid-August. Thanks!

Hi Ann,

Yes, we are still running! We use a yahoo-group to coordinate meeting places (usually on Saturday mornings for a run) and times. Here is where you can sign up: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/urbanMamasRun/

There is a group of us running Hood-to-Coast later this month, so we are ramping up in mileage. If that doesn't work out, I hope that you can use the yahoo-group to organize a walk or run pace/length that works best.

Hope to see you on an upcoming run/walk!

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