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Transitioning from Life with Daddy and Mommy to Preschool

Dear Urban Mamas,

We have a 27-month old daughter who has spent her life to-date with either her Daddy or Mommy.  Next week, she's starting pre-school three full days per week.  We're anxious about the transition for all three of us.  Do any of you have suggestions about how to prepare and/or cope?  I would sure appreciate it!

Thank you,


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This is a tough one! We were in the same boat with our daughter last fall. The first couple weeks were pretty rough, with her screaming and crying like she was dying when we dropped her off in the morning. After we got through that, though, she was fine and now she LOVES preschool. I think that it's pretty normal for them to scream and carry on when you first drop them off, but once you're gone they are fine. I felt like such a terrible mom those first few weeks, but it all worked out for the best and now she is absolutely thriving. Good luck!

I would prep her by reading books about going to 'school' and give it a very exciting tone. Give her the sense it will be fun. Explain there will be other kids to play with and new toys. And they will have snacks and read books. She will probably still have an adjustment but prepping her by talking about it a lot and even driving by and pointing at her new school will hopefully help her embrace the idea.

My daughter just started preschool when there was an opening mid-year. Since we talked about starting later this year, it was a surprise for both of us.

I went to the classroom and took lots of pictures, and then we looked them over and talked about the school when we got home. Also, our teacher was able to come and make a home visit to sit down and spend 45 minutes or so with her and really get to know her.

Ultimately what really helped the most was going to class with her a couple of times, and helping her meet some kids that she could look forward to seeing when she was on her own.

My daughter blew me away when she started Preschool last fall at Purple Moon. Her teacher has such an amazing relationship with her, I was shocked to have such little transition. She can't wait to go to school and plays "circle time" with me and her sister at home on the weekends.

She may surprise you. Good luck!


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