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Sunny Days, Sweeping the Clouds Away

Well, it's supposed to be sunny all week, so I would love to hear about favorite playgrounds, particularly in the NE.  We are regulars at Alberta Park.  Are there some great climbing structures out there, waiting to be discovered?  (I'd especially love suggestions of playgrounds less inhabited by dogs, or where the off-leash area is far away and the dog owners respect that--I have a phobic son.)


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We really like Wilshire Park (on NE 33rd @ Shaver). It has good structures for the younger set, plus a sandbox...although all may have floated away by now! ;^) There is a dog run area nearby, but it's enclosed. My son is also VERY phobic and he's never had a problem there.

Grant Park is also a good one (also on NE 33rd). No dog park.

The best swings in town are at Peninsula Park (in North, but a short drive from NE), although the climbing structures there are a little scary. Fernhill Park at 37th and Ainsworth has wonderful hills and valleys for running and rolling - an excellent place for toddlers to get the ya-ya's out.

Grant Park scares me a little b/c of the proximity of a very busy street to the play area. Any kid prone to hightailing away might want to go elsewhere.

I like Wilshire park when the weather gets hot because it has so many trees and the play area is all shaded. But we also like Wellington Park, on 68th and beech/Prescott.

I like Grant park a lot but find also that it's a madhouse when the weather is fine (like yesterday). The street is far enough that I feel safe with my very independent toddler, I jsut have to keep an eye on him. And there is a dog run that isn't enclosed, but it's over the hill and usually the dogs aren't nearby. Some people do bring leashed dogs near the playground, though.

Abernethy is my favorite neighborhood park. There is a play structure that even kiddies at the early stages of walking can enjoy, and a bigger play structure for the older kids. On top of that, I love the community feel of the park / playground. Just this past Sunday, there was a group practicing their stick fighting routines, a pick up game of touch football, a dad playing soccer with his son, kids biking around, and a pick-up basketball game. I've also seen an Irish dance group practicing there as well. It truly is a community gathering place, and a favorite location for neighborhood birthday parties.

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