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Summer Programs in Portland

Hi!  I ran across your web site as I was searching for summer programs.  My family is planning on spending a month in Portland as part of our search for a new home.  Our current home is Cleveland, Ohio.  Can you ask your Mamas about summer programs for 3 year olds.  We will be staying in the Milwaukie area.  I hope I can join you for an event this summer.  Your groups sounds fun!


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Hi Jennifer - our first summer here was when our first daughter was 3. I found very few summer programs for her that met our needs (5 days a week, full-time). I have been looking forward to the day she could go to all the other big kid summer camps, which I plan to compile and post any day now. But most of those programs are for children upwards of 6 years old, and my general experience is that there are very few summer camps for 3 year olds, other than year-long preschool programs. Best of luck with your move!

Hi Jennifer - Olivia is right: most of the summer camps are for at least ages 4 and up (Zoo summer camps=ages 4 and up; Children's Museum=ages 5 and up; OMSI=most are ages 7 and up).

However, the Oregon Zoo does have preschool-age day classes from 9:30-11:30 if you are interested. There is a different class offered each week. Currently, the online schedule is only through mid-June. You can view it at:

Most of the community centers also have great summer programs that may not be week-long programs, but they offer great classes for 3 year olds--enough to keep your little one busy! www.portlandonline.com/parks.

Good luck with your move!

Hi Jennifer, our family moved up here this past summer, and one of my first tasks was to look for a good preschool for my 2 1/2 year old son.

While researching this, I learned that some of the preschools in our area actually offered special summer programs where they would allow additional kids to be enrolled just for the summer. You might want to get a list of preschools in the Milwaukie area and check to see if something like this is available. If yes, you could just enroll your child for a month there.

Hey, I'm from Cleveland, too, originally, (cleveland heights).

The international school has summer camp programs (russian japanese chinese) for kids aged 3 and over.


I'd echo Kirsten's comments on the international school. My 4 year old attended last year and loved it. It's a mixed-age camp, 3-5, with swimming included.

Montessori of Alameda has an awesome summer camp program for children of all ages. Log onto their web-site to see the great camps for 3 yr olds. Spanish Immersion, Art camp, Multi-cultural camps and Sports camps. There are also 2 week camp options for thos who travel.

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to add that iD Tech Camps is now at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, OR. I've had family attend the camps and recommend it for any families who have an interest in technology. You can find their program at www.idtech.com

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