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...  Okay, well, the City of Portland is still calling it history month, but ...

Mayor Potter's office invites you to contribute your story or the story of a woman you admire.  Starting March 1, the City will post the stories (250 word limit) on a website (you will need to register with PortlandOnline to submit your entry.)

I have no idea how this little project will turn out, but it sounds like a nice effort.  All I can say is: we've all got a special story to tell, whether it be about being a full-time mother or about juggling a traditional career with mamahood or about creating a non-traditional profession in order to focus more on mamahood.  We have wonderful anecdotes daily about the joys, the humor, the quirkiness, the challenges, and the frustrations.  We share them every day - our stories & herstories - here on urbanMamas.  Maybe you want to share them with the City?


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