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Montessori of Alameda

Several parents have floated to our site looking for info on Montessori of Alameda.  Does anyone have thoughts about the school?  Please share!  Programs range from infant-age through 3rd grade.  I understand there is even a bus pick-up/drop-off program, as well as summer camps.

Here's perspective from Shannon, whose son was enrolled in the infant program for three months before she decided to stay home:

It's a wonderful school and I really, really, really like the teachers.  The biggest thing that I noticed that was different about the infant/toddler community (vs. other 'daycares') - is that they have real grass to play in; and everything was so much cleaner than others that I had visited.  If you're thinking of going the private school route (instead of the public school system), it's really nice that the Montessori goes through the third grade.  I also noticed that the older toddlers had some really fun & varied learning activities.  They also learn manners - yah!  If you want to 'tour' - I think all you have to do is call & make an appointment.  (Call Maya, the infant / toddler director -- 503-335-3321 )

They're located on NE 42nd & Going - where the old Wells Fargo bank used to be.  When my son is pre-school aged - we'll be going back to the Montessori!


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I visited Montessori of Alameda while checking out schools for my 3 year old. I had heard from parents of students there that the school was good, but that the owner, Tammy, is sort of pushy, and employees not related to her do not tend to stay at the school for very long. Sure enough, when I went for my visit, Tammy was hurried and rude - she actually left me halfway through the tour to talk to someone and then never came back. When I found her, she waved me away. So I figured the tour was over and left. The facility is beautiful, it's true. The energy about the place is a little weird.

I visited Montessori of Alameda in its old space (near NE Fremont and 15th) almost three years ago now. I was interested in the preschool for my then-3 -yr old. The space was beautiful, and I recall that the owner Tammy mentioned that she was an interior designer previously. At that time, there were no truly full-time programs available. The FT program was 4 full days and a 1/2 day on Friday. So, I didn't give it much consideration then, and I recall feeling like the program was just OK. I didn't feel like the program was nurturing, caring, supportive, and all the rest.

I have a very good friend who sent her child there and she felt much of what's in the posts above: great teachers and gorgeous space but pushy director and strange energy. She ultimately decided to move on to another school.

One note: the Montessori name isn't trademarked, so really anyone can use it. If you care about the Montessori method, it's important to find out if a school is AMI or AMS accredited. I don't know if this school is, but I haven't seen it associated with the other local accredited Montessori schools (for example, cross promoting one another, all joining together to sponsor a speaker at Providence, etc.). Finding out about their accreditation might shed some light. My impression of the school (and I visited their 3-6 year old program a few years ago for my daughter) was that it was sort of "Montessori lite."

I have also toured the school and met with Tammy and didn't the feelings that the two women on this board have gotten. I am curious on what all happen and sucb when you did go in for the tours. I am thinking of enrolling my child and trying to get as much feedback as I can before making any decisions.

I was recently referred to this site as I was told that there was information regarding Montessori of Alameda. The information from the above sources is FALSE. I am most disturbed that a website would allow people to make statements that are false about a growing business that has a great reputation in the neighborhood. The school was establised in 1991 and was a family owned and operated business until 2001. The staff does not turnover any more often than other schools and many employees have been there since their employment began. The Director and staff are friendly, warm and caring and Montessori of Alameda provides a great educational program as well as enrichment opportunities for children birth - age 3. the Directors, teachers and families are wonderful. Check it out for yourself before you miss a great school for your child.

I find it surprising that you would negate my experience of visiting Montessori of Alameda. I visited the current facility in the fall of 2005. And I agree, everyone should thoroughly research and visit schools so you can make an independent decision about what's the best environment for your child.

I have known Tammy, since she started the school in her home in 1991. She would NEVER be rude or PUSHY to anyone. She is enthusiastic about her business and the children and believes in the Montessori Philosophy. Many families do not understand the hows and whys of Montessori so it is easily misunderstood. This school is not your typical Montessori school as it blends in Reggio and other research based philosphies, Montessori is not a good fit for everyone and unless you REALLY research it, it looks different. I have always found Tammy to be very personalized and caring. She works above and beyond what most Directors and Teachers have to offer. She does not take a cookie cutter approach to educating children and sincerely observes each child to prepare her environments to meet their needs. She is TRULY there for the children!These people just don't get it.

Thanks for the warm regards, Angela. All of my children have been educated in Montessori schools so I was very familiar with the philosophy at the time I visited the school.

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