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Milagros Grows

One of our all-time fave kiddie shops is Milagros.  Needless to say, the place is family-friendly with its train table, nursing chair, and comfortable amenities in the back.  Owners Tony, Jennifer, and daughter Mila are always looking to chat and connect with anyone who walks through the door.  They are involved in their community and are active neighbors.  They feature visiting artists and are open late on Last Thursdays.

As a testament of a good thing getting better, Milagros is expanding!  I am so very excited about this next step in Milagros' life.  They are growing into the space next door, the former Aurora dance studio.  Upon my last visit at Milagros, Jennifer and Tony told me that they hoped to have a coffee shop next door, a larger community visiting area.  I can't wait to check it out.  We should all have an upcoming urbanMamas playdate there ...

Their grand opening is this Saturday.  Along with complimentary refreshments, free activities including the wonderful balloon art of Scott David, and art activities courtesy of SCRAP -- Milagros is also offering ridiculous celebratory deals!

  • Buy a pair of Robeez at regular price, and get a pair of WeeStep or StarChild shoes for $10!
  • Buy an exclusive "C is for Che" shirts at regular price, and get a second for only $10!
  • Buy a 'got breastmilk?' shirt at regular price, and get a second for only $10!
  • Every purchase on Saturday comes with a free 'got breastmilk?' bumper sticker.


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Thanks for sharing this info! I've never been to Milagros and have been wanting to check it out and now I have the boost I needed. I'd love to meet up with some of the UM's there sometimes - I can't wait to meet y'all IRL. I'm always looking to expand my mama community.

I'm in too! I bought my ergo there, and they were so sweet and helpful - i would love to support their business further. Not to mention - their changing table came in handy - it's so nice to have one when you need one!

I've heard from a very reliable source that Sugar Star is going to be providing the cupcakes!

(and, yes I'm Sugar Star. it's shameless spam!)

I'm alone wiith Fionn and baby Rowan all day Saturday...maybe it's time for the baby's first outing! I'll see if I can get it together to go; sounds fun.

Hello Olivia!

Thank you so much for posting the information about our opening! This blog was mentioned more than once by visitors at the store.

Saturday was a great time! We were touched by all of the good wishes from folks who came to the store. We are so blessed to live in such a supportive community!

And yes, our next project is to finish The Family Room at Milagros. The Family Room will be a casual, family-friendly community space featuring coffee, Wi-Fi, movies, classes, and much more. We will be unveiling the Family Room on April 29th!

We hope you can come by and see the new store soon. Thanks again for being such a great info source for local families.

All the best,

The Fuentes Family
(Jennifer, Tony, and Mila)

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