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Metzger Community Preschool

Metzger Community Prescool in SW PDX/Tigard. Non-profit co-op preschool with the philosophy of creating a nurturing environment by united efforts in a "family of families". This is a very User-Friendly preschool that promotes Friendships(for you & your child), Familiar Surroundings, Freedom, Fairness, Feelings, Fellowship, and FUN! Please share with us your personal experiences below:


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I can't say enough good things about this preschool! My son attended for 2 years, the teacher LaJeana really cares about the kids and works miracles with 3 and 4 year olds. It was one of the less expensive preschools when we were looking, but don't even think it is because of lower quality. The school and the parents are outstanding.

A WONDERFUL preschool. My son went for two years and now it is my daughter's turn. My daughter is excited to finally get her turn with Teacher LaJeana and my son tells me how he can't wait to come and help in the classroom with me (if only he could).

We love Metzger Community Preschool! My daughter just finished her two years, and now my son will start in the fall. Teacher LaJeana is wonderful, and my kids love her.

Metzger Community Preschool was an incredible experience for my son. He spent 2 wonderful years with teacher Lajeana and gained great social skills as well as academic readiness for Elementary School. Lajeana is a gifted teacher. She is compassionate, loving, promotes positive problem solving skills, and supports all children at their level of social, emotional and academic readiness. As a teacher and parent, I loved working with her in the classroom, getting to know other parents, and seeing all the children thrive under Lajeana's guidance.

Metzger Preschool was a gift to our children and our family. Class size is small enough that each child feels a connection with Teacher Lajeana, and the routines are comforting yet the kids never feel in a rut. Parents work in the classroom two-three times a month, and that time was especially good for us. We became better parents, plain and simple. While at Metzger, our son was diagnosed with ASD. Teacher Lajeana worked with the early intervention folks for coordinated services, and she problem-solved early on to meet his special needs. The parents were open to learning about autism and engaging with our boy to create a safe place to be. I believe that Metzger Community Preschool laid the foundation for both of our children's continuing success at school.

We had kids at Metzger Community Preschool for four years and absolutely loved our experience. We liked the small class size and the "community feel" of the school. We were new to the cooperative style of school, and really enjoyed being involved in the classroom and getting to know the other families in the school. LaJeana is gifted teacher--she provides the kids with a very nurturing, positive, fun learning experience. My kids adore her! We are sad to be leaving the school, but feel so grateful for the experience that our family has had there.

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