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Japanese Preschool Playground Fundraiser

I would just like to let other urbanMamas know that the Japanese preschool my 4 year old daughter Mia attends is holding a fundraiser in two weeks (Saturday, March 4th) from 11-2 in order to raise money for a new playground. There will be an obstacle course-a-thon, a silent auction including area restaurants and Bonneville Hots Springs certificates, and SUSHI and Japanese-style baked goods.

Kohitsuji Preschool is located at the Japanese International Baptist Church in Tigard on SW Spruce street off of Hall between 217 and 99W (8500 SW Spruce St., Tigard, OR  Tel: 503.246.4680) . The playground will be used by the church kids, the Kohitsuji kids, and kids from Sakura-kai (thursday evening Japanese language classes).

Please come and buy a cookie or macha tiramisu or some rolled sushi if you have the time.



If you would like more information on Japanese language opportunities in the Portland area, check out the JASO website on the subject here, or feel free to email me.


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Daycare play equipment tends to be a child's first exposure to outdoor equipment, so quality and safety are important to ensure the child's physical fitness level and development are considered. From climbing to balance to raised heart rate.

Playground if its not well equipped then then its not a full sot of enjoyment for the kids. So the fund has been raised to get new equipments in the playground.

How did your fundraiser end up going? Did you raise enough to get the new daycare playground equipment? I really hope so. Being able to play and be active is really important for growing bodies and minds. I wish I had come across your blog sooner so I could have stopped by the fundraiser and helped out. ( http://www.wowrecreation.com/content.php?contentid=145 )

Hi Everyone.

Unfortunately, I don't know how to delete this entry, but it is more than 5 years old and I no longer live in Portland. (i.e., the Japanese fundraiser was a looooooooooooooooong time ago) Thanks


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