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It Takes a Village - Including Papas

Dear urbanMamas,

For most of us, in this crazy world of child rearing, we have help.  We have the help of our partners or spouse, and for some, that means the father of our children.  I joke often with my urbanMama confidants about the fact that our spouses are sometimes oblivious to the amount of activity and on-line exchange that we do.  When we first met, our spouses chided about passing along the word about potlucks and get-togethers via urbanMamas (a.k.a. femme.net).  It was natural that as we got to know each other better, we pushed for daddy / papa playdates - solo or with the kids in tow.  Even though our urbanFamilies have grown closer, our spouses still remain detached and disinterested in our blogging ventures. 

Despite urbanMamas being touted as a forum for mamas, I'm certain it is not only mamas that read the blog.  We've also recently received some interest from an urbanPapa that would like to contribute to the blog, not to change the tone of the site, but to provided added perspective.  What do you think urbanMamas?  Should there be a resident urbanPapa contributor?  Do you think it would infringe on the community we've built, or will it provide a different view and struggles of parenting?  We'd like to hear from both urbanMamas and urbanPapas.




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I say go for it. I love reading all the daddy blogs out there. The more the merrier!

Yes - I say go for it as well!

Me too...a different perspective is always refreshing, and who knows...we might just learn something new!

absolutely. i love hearing from the papas.

Yes, the male perspective would be helpful for so many reasons. I know a dad who stays home with 4 kids (girls 5 and 3, and twin 1-year old boys). Now that's someone I'd like to see blogging! (But he obviously hasn't the time...)
Anyway, welcome Papas!

I think this is a fantastic idea! I always felt like the name of this site might make daddys feel left out or uninvited, but I know my husband stalks it anyway... so he can see what plans I'm making before I tell him about them :) Bring on the Papas, and let them speak!

Would love to hear uP's point of view! Will be very interesting. But, we as uM's must promise not to temper what we say... I know duh, it's not the 50's, but I still wanted to say it.

I think it really really really makes a difference who the guy is. I won't come here to read about football scores. My husband would be a good choice. (He likes baseball) hee hee.

Thanks for the wonderful feedback. It's a done deal then. Watch out for Tom's first post shortly.

So I stalk... ok.
But it's just to get fair warning ;)

I think we have some interesting things to say, but I don't know that I'd like to invade the soveriegn domain you gals have here. Its pretty cool, and while I wouldnt mind doing something "seperate but equal", I wouldnt want to mess with a good thing. - Chris

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