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Housecleaning recommendations?

Okay, I give. I just can't keep the house as clean as I'd like to, and I'm ready to call in the pros. I've had housecleaners before, but I always end up canceling because a) it strains the budget, b) I feel mildly guilty about not doing the dirty-work myself, and c) the scheduling hassle sometimes makes it inconvenient (no matter how I set it up, there always seems to be a vacuum cleaner running while my youngest is trying to nap). But, at this point, I need to bite the bullet and ask for help.

Does anyone have a housecleaner they love? Who's reasonably priced?


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I used a cleaning service recently because we were moving and I wanted to have both the old house cleaned for selling and the new one cleaned for moving in. I was really happy with the level of cleaning they did and didn't find it that expensive because they were pretty fast. I found them on craigslist, $20 an hour (per person cleaning). This is their website: http://www.webnow.com/heavenlymaidcleaning

I first tried a service a year ago. Sis-in-law got me a house deep clean for Christmas. We used Domestica (http://www.domesticahousehold.com/index.htm), which was GREAT for the non-toxic products. It was a special treat for the house, since we had just moved in, but, it would be too expensive for biweekly cleanings.

Our current housecleaner and her assistant are great. They are license & bonded, reliable, trust-worthy, detailed, and they have grown to know our house. I can leave a list out of problem areas or areas that I recently cleaned myself. When they come, I feel confident that they've done a great job. They're pretty quick, too. She charges $25 an hour, and we do a 3 hour visit every other week. For our family, it is worth it. I can email you her contact info.

Our friends have gone through craigslist to find cleaners in the $15-20 per hour range. Their experiences are varied. One person didn't bring cleaning supplies, so it's good to be clear about it at the onset. Also, our friend's found the work to be inconsistent. I guess craigslist can be like a box of chocolates: You never know what you're gonna get.

I used to feel guilty about relying on outside help to maintain order in the house. That guilt faded a long time ago! You will love having the help, and the hours back.

We're lucky because when we moved from SW to NE, our house "came with" a housecleaner. She worked regularly with the seller's realtor. The seller hired her to give the house a serious once-over before we moved in. We were so impressed that we decided we couldn't live without her. I used to think she was expensive ($17/hr.) but now that I see these other posts I'm feeling pretty good about what we've been paying. She's quite thorough and takes direction well (for example, if we need her to do the chandelier or the vents in the floor, we just ask). She's independent and takes cash only. I'm not sure if she's accepting new clients, but if you are interested, email me and I'll ask.

I have used Girl Friday (www.girlfridayhs.com) for about 18 months, and they have been very good. They bring their own cleaning supplies, do all my floors by hand, and were flexible with me about only wanting to spend a certain amount and only wanting them on my own schedule. This limits what they can do while they're in my house, so usually I just leave a priority list of what most needs to be done and they start there and then finish whatever else they have time for. As a bonus, they offer other home services as well -

I regard hiring housecleaners as an almost-essential (even though I'm not using one now - and my house is proof!)

The running joke I use when my ex and I used to 'discuss' a more equitable distribution of household chores (we both worked full-time) was that it's either hire a housecleaner or go to marriage counseling - and at least with the cleaner, you have tangible proof every other week about just where your money went!

Thank you *so much* for all your suggestions. I'll start making phone calls and report back here.

We have several propereties and work directly with jose ramirez cleaning services they do serveral vacant cleaning at a special price for us. website www.ramirezjanitorial.com you could also find them on the angieslist.com with great review top of the list

Hi uMamas - we just got another recent request for housecleaner recommendations, so let please share any more recommendations you may have!

TerraClean (http://www.terracleanworld.com/) came today, and cleaned our carpet and our heating ducts and furnace. They did a great job, were prompt and thorough, and super friendly (and even cleaned the area rug in Milo's room for free!)

I had a $50 off coupon from my Chinook book, which is how I found them, and after checking out their website, I was even more convinced. Since Calvin's starting to spend more and more time on the floor, I didn't want him exposed to any nasty chemicals or fumes from cleaning the rugs!

They do regular housecleaning tasks as well. I'll hopefully be checking out those services sometime in the future.

we LOVE our housecleaner....her name is Michelle Welker and I found her through an ad she had posted at the Tin Shed on Alberta...
She is so thorough and I could never get my house as clean as she does in 4 hrs....especially with the 2 kids here! Her number is: 503.348.0114
Good Luck!

Heavenly Maid was supposed to be working elsewhere-- I went to take a shower. When I got out she was gone. Halfway through her alleged 3 hour shift.

Having her in my house was obnoxious. I don't want to hear about my cleaner's credit problems, or her idiotic notions that dyslexia can be cured with glasses. She also got lost on the way to my place and used her cell to call and ask if I live in a motel. Hotels have maids! If I lived in a hotel room I wouldn't schedule a 3 hour cleaning. Worst cleaning experience ever!

We used Heavenly Maid Cleaning Service for a large family gathering. They were prompt, pleasant and prices were reasonable. You can find out their information from their web at http://www.heavenlymaidcleaningsevice.com

We would be pleased to use them again in a pinch.

We've also used Heavenly Maids with mixed results. The first time was fabulous: the house looked beautiful, smelled clean and really shined. The second time we requested the same woman. She was supposed to arrive at 1:00pm on a Friday afternoon. Long story short, after multiple phone calls, she hadn't shown up or returned our calls as of 5:00pm that night. We left for an evening out around and decided to keep the key hidden on a chance that she'd show up. When we got home at 10:00pm the house had been cleaned spectacularly. So, I was pleased that they stuck with their committment, even sending someone out on a Friday night, but I was still unnerved that I waited 4 hours for someone and we never got a response to our messages. We've tried them 2X since and the jobs have been average. Upon first glance the house looks pretty good. But upon close inspection corners have been cut. Do I really have to special request that the waterline in my bath tub be scrubbed off just because it isn't visible? or the toothbrush holder and soap pump actually be picked up and wiped under and off or the bathroom floor wiped? Maybe I'm too picky. Please tell me. These are my first experiences not cleaning the house myself. Admittedly our house is fairly large and takes me a loooong time to clean (thus the call in to the pros!)
We book someone for 4 hours - should we schedule more time? My partner and I both work full time so we aren't home when the cleaner comes. Nestchick's post makes me wonder if we are paying for 4 hours of cleaning plus tip but the maid is cutting corners to duck out early?
Are my expectations off?

I read this older strand on house cleaners and wondered if anyone had any updated information on good housekeepers that uses non toxic products. Any recommendations would be most appreciated because I CAN'T TAKE THE CONSTANT MESS anymore. :)

There is a more recent version of this discussion here:


I still heartily recommend Amy at Sparkling Palaces.

I have a wonderful housecleaner, Angela, who is looking to expand her client base. She is thorough, dependable, and friendly, she brings her own natural, non-toxic cleaning supplies, and does an all around excellent job for $20/hr.

Please let me know if you'd like Angela's # by contacting me at lapeche58 at yahoo.com

Any updates or current recomendations for trust worthy, reliable, conscientious help would be MUCH appreciated.

Finest House cleaning services are now available by choosing maid brigade in Portland. Our professional maid services are much flexible to your house cleaning needs!

It is better to hire a cleaning service if you can't do the cleaning.
It can really save your time and energy.

Instead of calling the pros why don't you do it yourself? It will help your family's budget for the month. A big help really.

I agree with Audrey. Just do it yourself. It`s also a way for you to exercise proper household cleaning. I suggest you should separate first the trash/junks/garbage from your things--the ones you will still be using. After that you can clean your floor, windows and furniture. Lastly, arrange your things accordingly.


proper house cleaning needs control of one's self. you should take note of it.

A few dollars to keep your house clean. I'd say go for it. Everybody needs a clean house. If you don't have the time, then let the pros handle it.

Of course you can find a good one. I can recommend somebody but just give the details tomorrow.

You are right Audrey, instead of having a house cleaner/helper you can do it by yourself. Just manage your time wisely when you are a working mother. You can do it. Of course it can lessen your budget.

I agree. Hiring a house cleaner is an additional budget. You can do clean your house though you are a working mother as long as you are wise enough to manage your time.


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