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Furniture store?

We are getting a refund this year and since I am in the business of spending (not earning anymore) money - I have a few things I think we "need"...  We need new bedroom furniture and wondered if anyone had any local store reccomendations?  We like a Pottery Barn aesthetic - heavy wooden bed type looks.  We aren't really into uber-modern looks or antiques. Just good quality, kinda hip and inviting and comfortable looking.  Oh yea and affordable...  While Pottery Barn isn't outrageously priced, if there is a place that is more affordable, great.  Anyway, let me know if you have any ideas. 


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I think Peir One has very reasonable prices for the kind of furniture you are looking for. OR Bella Home furnishings is awesome in Tigard.

Would Crate&Barrel be less expensive? I was so impressed with my recent purchases there (both at the Portland store and online at their Berkeley outlet) that I would recommend them to anyone. They have such fantastic customer service and for me in this day, that goes a long way.

Also, how about Cost Plus World Markets?

We got our huge heavy wooden bed at Dania in Beaverton and LOVE it. We also got our couch and sectional there. Their prices are reasonable, styles are great and they have great customer service. I like Crate and Barrel too - we got our guest bed there and have had it for several years (we used to drive up to Seattle before the Tigard one opened).

How about the Dania Outlet in Beaverton? We stumbled across it once. Great deals to be had there, but the stock is unreliable, of course. Still worth a peak!

We're on the furniture hunt as well...although we're looking for a new TV cabinet and so far have been unsucessful. I agree about Dania and their outlet--great stuff at great prices. I have several friends who've bought from Dania and love their things, but the only complaint is that it takes a long time to get it.

We just went into a great local shop today called ECO PDX (I think!), down on Interstate Ave., just north of Broadway. It's two guys running it and they've just opened within the last few months. All of their stuff is made from salvaged wood, which I like. Most of it is made in Indonesia, although they are in discussions to bring in a few local lines, which I think would be really cool. They were great guys, they are going to see what they can do about getting a peice in for us, either special order or custom made, or something. I think it would be hard to get such personal service from a bigger store.

Although I have not yet been in, I've also heard great things about Sofa, Table Chair (or something along those lines!) on Broadway. But given their name, I'm not sure they carry bedroom sets. :) Good Luck!

I would try Portico (around SE 36th & Division). They sell of a mix of new and consignment, and they have a ton of catalogs. We ordered two nice overstuffed chairs (one reclines) for our living room, and it was a lot less than what we would have paid at a PBarn. And we're very happy with the quality. Plus, the owner took pity on our little Subaru and helped us out by delivering the chairs in his truck.

Hi Monica, I think you can visit http://www.exbali.com/bali_furniture/bali-teak/teak_beds_A.htm
Even they are wholesaler, they also sell to end user, juat make inquiry to them and hopefully you get best offer form them.

Doing woodworking furniture projects at home can be quite fun and rewarding. Not only will you be able to save on furniture cost, it can also become a source of supplemental income.


Furniture  is the mass noun for the movable objects intended to support various human activities such as seating and sleeping in beds, to hold objects at a convenient height for work using horizontal surfaces above the ground, or to store things. Storage furniture such as a nightstand  often makes use of doors, drawers, shelves and locks to contain, organize or secure smaller objects such as clothes, tools, books, and household goods.

Part of the appeal of retractable awnings, and one feature which makes them a practical asset for both home and business owners, is how easy it is to keep them looking beautiful and functioning smoothly.

Why don't you try http://www.snooze.com.au/Bedroom-Furniture? They offer very beautiful bedroom furniture.

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