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Finding Preschools, Part 32 - Full-Time, NE

With each family having specific needs, it's so hard to figure out programs that actually are a good fit.  Emily, another mama is looking for the following:

In one of the other preschool postings someone mentioned a place in Irvington called Evergreen. I haven’t been able to find contact info for it anywhere. Might someone out there have a phone number, location, or full name that is listed in the phone book? We’re also looking for a full-day preschool/daycare in NE, for a 2 yr old, that’s open by 7:30am.


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you could try our preschool - Joyful Learning. open 7:30-5:30, located at NE 79th and Tillamook. we think very highly of them. 503-251-8888

Evergreen is closing, unfortunately. I just found out yesterday, when I got a few calls from families who are currently attending.
I don't know many schools that take 2 year olds, except for Growing Seeds. (All day available, and in NE. Good program, for sure.)
I will DEFINATELY start looking for other good toddler programs to recommend, and will pass it on as soon as I find out. (I get several inquiries a week, and can no longer send folks to Evergreen.)

my 9 month old duaghter goes to In A Child's Path (63rd and Fremont.) It has a wonderful infant teacher and nice atmosphere. they have a Toddler house ( up to 3 yo) and a Preschool house (3-5). we chose it b/c they have a separate sleeping room for the infants and my daughter would only sleep in a dark quiet room.

Evergreen preschool is located in our neighborhood, off the corner of NE Stanton and 10th. It is run by a man (can't remember his name) out of his house (big green 4square). His number is unpublished. I talked with him about enrolling our daughter at some point and he said he was full until next fall.

I met him at the Irvington Park playground, where he brings the kids to play, and he gave me his number. When I called him it took him 2 week to return my call. But he seemed very nice and capable and I could tell he runs a good program. That is what I know!


I am writing to let you know about a new private school in Portland, the Portland Cooperative School. I am a member of the founding board of the PCS (www.pdxcoopschool.org). PCS is an independent, cooperative elementary school located in the Hillsdale neighborhood of inner southwest Portland that will open this fall with K-1-2 classes.

At PCS parents have the opportunity to directly participate in their child’s classroom, allowing children, teachers and parents to form lasting relationships. Broadly, PCS’s focus is on self, community and the natural world. While our curriculum is thematic, it also allows themes to develop from the group’s interests. We believe that when caring families and teachers who are passionate about building a warm and vibrant community come together, they can create an incomparable learning environment. At PCS, learning will happen in an unrushed environment that stimulates exploration and critical thinking. We believe PCS will be a place of joy.

Our classes (a maximum of 8 per class) are small and of mixed-age (K-1, 2-3, etc), allowing children to learn from peers and mentor younger classmates. PCS will begin this fall with three classes (K, 1 and 2) and expand by one grade each year, until we serve grades K through 8.

PCS is located in a beautiful space in inner SW Portland (Hillsdale) just a minute or two off I-5. The space is large enough that it will serve us for at least five years. We will have kitchen access, a large outdoor play space/garden and a large indoor space for active play in the rainy months. The space is painted and ready for our first school year,\ with many of the materials we will be using already in place.

Our founding teacher, Teenie MacLeod, has 28 years of teaching experience, including 16 in a cooperative environment. We feel lucky that Teenie’s career path and our plans have coalesced as they have.

We have several upcoming events to announce: Our next Open House will take place on Sunday, March 26, from 1:30-3:00 p.m. We will also hold one of our three remaining playshops on Saturday, April 8, from 9-noon. The open houses allow for explanation, questions, and discussion while the playshops provide families who are interested in our approach with the opportunity to see our space and meet and observe Teenie as they decide whether PCS would be a good fit for their family. These events take place at the school, at 2201 SW Vermont (just off and west of Berth Blvd) (within St. Barnabas Episcopal Church), in Hillsdale. Our open houses are open to all; the playshops require advance registration.

You are welcome to email or call me (503-735-1118) for more information.


Megan Glor
Founder and Chairperson

Portland Cooperative School does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, national origin, disability or sexual orientation.

Emily, we've had both our boys (almost 3 now, and 8 months) at Marti's Place. It's a great, in-house daycare. She used to be off Knott, on 36th, but recently moved to Prescott and 32nd. She opens at 7:30, but I'm honestly not sure if she has openings right now or not.

Good luck, I know how stressful this can be! I'm not sure how she'd feel about me posting her phone, so please email if you'd like more info.

Just noticed my email didn't post - it's navan@ohsu.edu

i am currently looking for full-time in home daycare in beaverton for a 3 yr old to start in march, and an infant to start in the summer. any recomendations?

Hi- My family will be relocating to Portland in late January and we'll be looking for a full-day preschool program for our 3 year old son to start in the fall. I'd prefer something that is either downtown or close-in (NE or SE ok). Any recommendations from this wise bunch?

Also, we are expecting a second baby in May, so a program that has infant care facilities would be GREAT!


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