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Baby Whispering, Nights 3 & 4: A Study in Contrasts

Baby Gennie and I have been exploring the plusses and minuses of the Baby Whispering routine for sleeping through the night.  Here's the latest report.


So bad!  Gennie made it to 2:30am and then was up every 40 minutes until 6:30am.  I was on duty that night, and I began mentally fighting with myself, Tracy Hogg, and just everyone about this routine:

--What is the point of this, really?  Parental convenience?  Give it up!

--But Tracy Hogg says the baby will sleep better, that it's up to us to guide them.

--Western culture wants us to believe this, but it's just an excuse to fit babies into overbooked adult lives.

--But plenty of babies sleep through the night.

--Urbana Mamas says that's temperment.

--Noam Chomsky would say there's equal parts nature and nurture here.

--Yeah, and Dr. Phil would say "When does it end?  Do you want her throwing the car keys on the night stand, saying Mom, I'm home!, and jumping in to bed with you?

--That's the classic pull-them-up-by-their-bootstraps neoconservative argument.

This inner dialogue wound round and round until I realized This is my brain on sleep deprivation. Not a good time to make any decisions.  I remembered how, the night before, I heard Steve settling Gennie back down by playing the piano.  I was infuriated!  How in the world will piano music calm her?  He's just overstimulating her!  Wait, wait, we don't own a piano. I am not rational now.  And then Danielle's comment on this blog came just in time: Stick with it, you're doing fine.


She went down at "bedtime", up at 10:15pm for a tank up, and slept until 5am.  I've had to console her a couple times to get her to sleep until now (6am), but I'm so thrilled to have slept 6 hours in a row that I am the one who cannot settle back down!  So I'm writing this instead.  Urban Mamas, if every night could be this good--well, I'm not going to let myself even hope for it yet...


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Doesn't five hours of straight sleep constitute sleeping through the night? It sounds like your finding some success at sticking with it, hooray! If she does the Night 4 routine again than you may have reached that key milestone.

This is so great! It's difficult to do, but persistence and patience will get you there. I hope tonight goes just as well for you.

yup, i do believe a 5 hour stretch is technically "sleeping through the night." so let's hope for more nights like that!

You're doing so well! Hope tonight goes just as well!

Congratulations. I hope your success continues! I am also dealing with a baby who wakes up every hour and a half or so all night long. I may check out the Baby Whisperer too, since nothing else we've tried seems to be working. Here's to another night of uninterrupted sleep!

Stay strong... it'll be worth it to have your evenings back. And technically, 5-6 hours does indeed count as "sleeping through". You're on the right track. I couldn't have lasted this long, I can assure you!

I used the Baby Whisperer techniques with both of my kids (now age 4 and 2) and it worked great both times. They have been great nappers and nighttime sleepers and they love their beds (and oh, how I LOVE having my afternoon and nighttime break from them!). I credit the Baby Whisperer techniques with providing a sound strategy and game plan that we could all follow.

I love the baby whisperer. It worked really well for both my children. There were definiatley rough times but Tracy Hogg gave me the confidence to stick to my guns and teach them both to be self soothers which now pays off ten fold!

Thanks for the comment, Susannah. I gotta tell you, it's now so many months since those posts that it's interesting to read these again and see how right you are, how right all of you were. Persistance paid off and, I think, made for a happier baby.

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