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Baby Whispering Night 2

Hola, mamacitas.

Well the whole baby-whispering thing was terrible last night!  Genevieve cried so frequently, so long, and so loudly, (from maybe 2:30 on) that I wasn't sure if she ever stopped.  But, yet again, my husband vehemently denies this, and claims she cried for a total of about one hour.  I just don't know what to believe.

Naps took extra work today, too, though I did get her down after many reassurances.  We may have blown it, because we decided to move her crib to her own room today.  I know, it seems like a lot at once, but there's so many other potential disturbances coming up--teeth, shots, visitors.

My wonderful, incoherent, exhausted husband is on baby duty all night tonight, while I'm upstairs in our newly emptied room.  Maybe I'll sleep--but will I remember it if I do?


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You are right that there is always something. I tend to let things slide when my gal is teething or sick or or or. . . but then I pay for it with screwy naps. Good luck riding this out!

All I can say is don't give in no matter how upsetting it might seem at the time. It'll make any future attempts even harder.

Sleep training was really important to me (for my sanity) and for my daughter who was sleep deprived because she was waking up all night. It was the best thing we ever did. The change in her was amazing. She was happier and better able to focus when playing because she was well rested.

It was so hard at first. And there's always a point after you think you've made it when they kick up a big fuss again, but it's just a way of testing. Don't give in and she'll learn quickly it won't work.

You're doing great!

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