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Baby Whispering Day 1

Here it is, day one of the Baby Whispering regime.  And it feels like a regime.  I keep imagining Genevieve and I are in a makeover movie and, with a whisk of a mascara wand (and the requisite removal of the glasses) she'll be a sleep-through-the-night baby.  So, here is the good, the bad and the ugly, in reverse order:

The Ugly

I'm on very little sleep after last night's drama on top of 6 sleep-deprived months.  It doesn't get uglier.

The Bad

This pick up, put down routine instead of just consoling her to sleep or letting her cry it out feels like it prolongs the agony.  Gennie shrieks, arches her back, and fights all the way up and all the way back down.  I felt like I was doing barbell lifts.

The Good

She went down for two naps today, each nearly 2 hours, but interrupted by some (shortish) screaming sessions, during which I picked up, put down, ad infinitum.

And now!  She's sleeping.  She has been since 7pm!  And it's nearly 10pm.  She hasn't slept 3 hours in a row, day or night, since she was a newborn.  Plus she had those 2 naps. 

Can I tell you that today, minus the terrible shrieking during the "settling down" for nap, she was so happy and bright-eyed and playful?  Maybe I'm just telling myself something I desperately wish to believe, but I sensed she wanted this, too, that the constant snacking and light sleeping was dragging her down, too. 

Back to the Bad

I have to wake her up in 45 minutes for her "dream feed".  Then, we are going to try to go until 6:30 or 7am without a nursing session.  This could be a trying night.  Good thing my husband and I prepared for it by watching "Get Shorty".  We were supposed to be sleeping to gather up our energy for what lays ahead, but we felt too giddy with both children down...


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That's great that she's sleeping! But...why are you going to wake her up to feed her? I mean, why mess with a good thing?

So true, Kate! The book calls it a "dream feed" and it really is. The baby eats quite a bit at the 11pm nursing, and it supposedly helps her go through the night.

It's now the next morning after night 1, and I really don't know what to report. I have no memory of last night whatsoever, other than crying at 5am (hers, not mine!).

My husband swears up and down that she slept through, except for a surprise poop at 2am and the 5am scream. I'm not sure I beleive him, because I am so very, very tired, so something must have been happening last night.

This must be "mama brain", right? When you have no idea if you even slept?

OMG - that happens to me every night! In the morning, I try to recall when I got up throughout the night, how many times the baby ate, etc, and I can never remember! Makes me want to force myself to write it down, but I'm way to tired for that!

Wow, more power to you. I wouldn't be able to do the pick up/put down thing. With my son, it made it worse because I was giving him a false sense that he was getting out of the crib for some cuddling or some milk.

Stick with it! It's working!

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