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Accountant Required or Turbo Tax Sufficient

Leah emailed me a while back about seeking an accountant, and finally, I am just getting around to posting about it.  We had a couple of posts regarding this around the same time last year.  There was one discussion thread on whether to use an accountant vs. turbo tax and one on babysitter / nanny and taxes.  So, mamas, we need your help again.  Can anyone recommend a good accountant?  What are your experiences with filing taxes?  Are you a DIY or are you the type to pay someone else to do the dirty work?


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We LOVE our CPA firm, which we have worked with for about five years. They truly know their stuff. They help us immensely with tax planning, minimizing our tax burden, etc., both for our personal and small business taxes...AND they recently successfully represented us in an audit (whew!).

One great perk: they only charge for IRS forms they file for us (i.e., not for meetings or phone calls with us). Another perk: the office is near Bridgeport Village. :)

Name: Tabor Accounting Group
Phone: 503-598-1011
Bruce Tabor and Neal Jurgenson are the CPAs we work directly with. I highly recommend them both.

Happy tax season.

Along these lines, does anyone have an independent financial advisor (fee-per-hour, rather than commission based) that they can recommend?

My husband is trying to make sense of the many funds and individual stocks we've got, and balance our portfolio and make sure we're ok for retirement and college savings, and his frustration is getting to me. I'm on the point of hiring someone without telling him until the person is scheduled to meet with us. He's been resistent to spending money on a planner, but I think our situation is getting too complex even for his genius. :) Any names or advice would be appreciated. (We don't need an accountant, just an advisor).

Yeah - TurboTax helps with tax preparation a lot. It is worth it to pay some cash for it.

Turbo Tax Rocks!!!! I love it every year...

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