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I felt so special when I saw my submissions up on ParentHacks.  First, my not-so-secret recipe for the housecleaning solution of choice.  And, second, my little trick for sanitizing sponges.

ParentHacks are always looking to share your favorite parenting secrets, your survival techniques or makeshift solutions (like a Sippy Cup on-the-go) or other brilliant ideas.  Send in your parent hacks!


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Yes! Yes! Please send me your hacks! Parent Hacks is all about the practical stuff we do as parents to make it thru the day (or week, or year). Sometimes it's a rec for a book or a piece of gear, other times it's a shift in attitude, usually it's just a simple tweak, as simple as setting kids' clothes out the night before.

I'm looking for hacks about kids of all ages, from newborn to college-bound. Include your Web- or blog address, and, if I use your hack, I'll link back to you.

I know you've got something to share...if there's anything I've discovered as a mom, it's that we all do.

If anything clever, creative, or useful comes to mind later on, I'll be sure to submit it to you. I'm drawing a blank right now, although I'm sure that I have had to resort to using many 'hacks' to survive here in my household.

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