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Surprise! The Lila Guide | Baby-Friendly Portland

It was SO long ago when I think I filled out a survey for the Portland lilaguide.  What a treat it was to find one in my mail slot yesterday!  Calling itself the "new parent survivial guide to shopping, activities, restaurants, and more...", the lilaguide is written by parents for parents.  Reviews are Zagat-esque, incorporating first-hand comments and quotes by customers and parents just like us.  Unlike Zagat, where we can expect some witty snarky comments, lilaguide is pretty, smooth, and uber-palatable.

The guide is organized by county - Clackamas, Washington, Clark, and Multnomah.  The urbanMama in me wishes it was mostly Portland information organized by neighborhood.  Still, I found some fun stuff like quotes about almost all the parks and playgrounds with helpful firsthand information.  Of a park just a few blocks of me: "a nice park to visit although there's not too much shade during summer months ... the usual facilities including restrooms and off-leash area..."  I also enjoyed leafing through the Exercise section, highlighting activities I'd not heard of like Baby Boot Camp or Divine Pilates of Portland or Moving Through Center or Stroller Strides.  The Baby Basics section is a great resource, with listings and info for all our favorite joints like Fairies & Frogs (on NE Fremont), Generations (on Hawthorne), Grasshopper (on NE Alberta), Milagros (on NE Killingsworth), Piccolina (at SE Clinton and 26th), Sweetpea's (in Sellwood), and Zanzibar (on NE Fremont near 15th).

I'm glad I have a copy.  But, I'm glad I got a free one (for completing at least 14 reviews of Portland establishments).  I don't think I'd necessarily go out and buy one.


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Here. Here. I was a bit disappointed. I was thinking the guide would be geared towards more local establishments, and would have some gritty reviews. Perhaps it's too much to ask from a guide. The guide also include places like Costco, Target, JC Penny's. Hmmm, I don't really get that. Do those warrant a review? More local flavor would have made the guide much more palatable.

ooh, I'm so looking forward to receiving mine! I wonder when I'll get it? I too filled out the requisite surveys (I think :)

I filled out the survey too, and I have to admit I added the Fred Meyer on 82nd and Johnson Creek, but only so that y'all will know they have free childcare. The rest of the stuff I added is all local. I thought the selections were incomplete in some categories but hopefully over the next few weeks it will fill out.

I feel it is helpful to a broader base of momma to include a wider variety of places around the area. I have family in Clark County so it is helpful to have that information. There are so many resources for the Portland area I am glad to see one expand to some of us sub-UMs!

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