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So you wanna be an urbanMama?

We welcome new contributors! Thanks for even considering it. We could tell you all the things you've probably heard before like "use active verbs" and yadda-yadda-yadda. But, here are some specific things we'll ask of you, as an urbanMama contributor.

Keep it short and sweet (KISAS). We're busy mamas, after all. Four paragraphs seem like a great length. We want to provide useful information, in a short and sweet format.

Headlines. Following the KISAS guideline above, we're looking for post titles that are descriptive and peppy, so readers can understand what post is like just from its headline. A general limit is six or seven words.

What to post? We want to share topics that encourage discussion about parenting topic, share and inform people of events (especially Portland-specific), review local service/product or hot new national trend. While there are times we love somethiing so much we want to explicitly post about it, we try hard to post about the concept and not the product. So, instead of specifically endorsing Kindercare or Starbucks or Nordstrom, for example, we want to share our specific experience with the product or service.  It's especially helpful if we can compare experiences with several different services/products in the same category.

"About Me". Please send us a bio for us to post on the "About Us" page.

When? Finally, while we have no absolute minimum contributing frequency requirement, please just let us know how often you plan on posting.


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