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Finding Preschools, Part 30 - No Potty Training Requirement

From one of our dear readers, Lea:

I have been looking all over to find a pre-school and need some help. I wanted to find a pre-school that is bilingual, that takes 2-2 1/2 year olds and that does not require your child to be potty trained. I am not sure where to find this information. Any ideas? Thank you.


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Escuela Viva has been discussed recently: http://urbanmamas.typepad.com/urbanmamas/2005/12/escuela_viva.html. I looked at the website and could not see whether they took 2-2 1/2 yr olds. The statement on potty training is that the child "must be actively working on using the toilet independently". It is located in inner N/NE portland and I hear that they are looking to expand the program to elementary school next year.

There is a preschool on NE 32nd just off Broadway called Schoolita Allegrita. I don't know anything about it except that it's bilingual. Maybe you can try calling them.

Pilar Pennell of Sellwood Bilingual (503-233-1814) runs a very nice daycare program out of a second home for babies on up. Right now her oldest kids are only 2 1/2 - 3, and although my 4 yr old liked it, after awhile she wanted to be around more kids her age. But we really liked and would definitely recommend Pilar's program - all the babies who started with her and are now 2 1/2 seem to understand Spanish very well.

I found out last night that Growing Seeds is opening a new location at Portland Blvd and MLK (the old State Farm Bldg) that will be bilingual with Spanish. It'll be open May 1, and promises to be a great space.

I am in the search for a bilingual immersion Spanish preschool in the Alberta area. I heard about one that is opening on 9th and Alberta but now cannot find anything on it anywhere. Does anyone know about this particular preschool?

This is a bit far into the burbs, but we really like the Tuality Learning Tree in Hillsboro (far from home, close to work). The curriculum is not *intensively* bilingual. However, TLT has made a conscientious effort to increase its Spanish-speaking staff so that all the age groups are exposed to native speakers during the day. Because it is an educationally oriented day care program rather than a "pre-school" as such, young toddlers are welcome and the teachers themselves help with potty-training.

My son goes to Chiqutos school in Cedar Hills area. It is awesome, very nutruing, with lots of family and community involvement. It is 100% spanish immersion. I highly recommend it! They take kids starting around 18mnths.

Hi, my husband is transferring to Hillsboro area for 8 months. We will be staying close to Intel area. Are there any preschools that anyone can recommend ? Thanks

Never mind. Plans changed.

Any bilingual Spanish programs for young children (pre-school and prior) in close-in SE? Mt. Tabor, inner SE, etc.?

Sellwood Bilingual (mentioned above) is located in Sellwood. It's a very nice program. She has two locations, one near SE 17th and Tacoma (for early walkers and up), and one near SE 9th and Tacoma (for infants). She has a nice facility with good materials for the children. I agree with Catherine, though, that right now the population is mostly 3 years and younger, so perhaps not the best choice for pre-kindergartners.

has anyone heard anything about Escuela Viva? seems like a reasonable school with bilingual opportunities for young to pre-K children. the neighborhood is a little on the edge? any one heard anything about this or another close in school - maybe SE for a 3+?

Montessori of Alameda (www.montessoriofalameda.com) is a private school/Montessori school (she's hoping to expand to include up to grade 6 soon) is on NE 42nd and Prescott'ish. They take infants up. Check out their website, they have quite a few requirements, but they are bilingual. We are looking at it for our son when he's 3 and potty trained (sheesh!) Very well established, very good credentials, very specific education practice, probably pricey.

I am looking for a daycare/preschool in the Sellwod neighborhood for my 15 month old son. I would like 2 to 3 days a week. Any ideas?



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