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Another mama looking for a preschool - N.NW.NE

So, I met another one of us - a mama scouring options and search far and wide for the best situation for her 16-month old son.  She needs FT care in the very inner N.NE.NW areas.  Her son is now at the Peninsula Children's Center, and she's looking for a new space where her son can grow, live, learn!  Any ideas or comments?  Growing SeedsRowanberry School (Angela?)?  Escuela Viva?  Any other great in-home schools?


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Hi Olivia!
I would recommend Growing Seeds for sure for a 16 month old. Christina is very sweet and highly qualified, and she creates magical spaces for children. I don't know all the teachers at her school, but I really liked those I have met. There is also a home based program in Irvington for toddlers called "Evergreen" that is really respected in the ECE community...teacher Cameron (yeah, a boy teacher!) is well loved. It's hard to get in; try now for next year. Good day, and good luck.

Thanks for the tip. I recommend Growing Seeds, too. Love Christina and Jessica, and I do feel like they provide a caring, nuturing, creative space for young ones. Also, if you have more info on Evergreen, I'd be interested in sharing it here on urbanmamas. I have heard about it, but just *heard*. I haven't seen anything else, visited, or ... I know it is a small program, but I also heard (from a parent on the waitlist), that Cameron was awesome.

Finally, my Tati's school will have a PT opening starting in March. Her home-based school is called New Farm Home Educare (in npdx), and it's a wonderful place that nurtures the children to be inquisitive and independent. The March opening would be either M/W or T/TH. There will likely be one or two FT spots in September. Let me know if you'd like more info!

My 2 1/2 year old daughter goes to Growing Seeds. We love it. And the babies look happy there too. There's a fish tank in every room, wooden toys, and lots of cuddling, holding and wearing of babies by the teachers. If you want to know more about it I posted a comment about it here:


My son is going to Growing Seeds and will start at the new location on N. Portland Blvd in August. He really loves it! He has really developed and learned so much more then when he was at home. It is amazing.

Just a little update: Evergreen, sadly, is no more. I do not know any other schools for 16 month olds...I'm always on the lookout for good ones to recommend, though. So if you find one, please post! I would love to find a toddler program I can enthusiastically support.

Hello All,

My 3 children have all attended Purple Moon Child Development in NE Portland (I have 1 child still there...). I LOVE it, they LOVE it. Jennifer and Madeleine have created a wonderful little program (they have been around for 7 years). They are a hidden gem. I believe their toddler program is booked 1 year in advance. Check in out... www.purplemoonkids.com.

I AGREE WITH YOU SANDY! Purple Moon is a true gem. It is rare that you find a school you immediately feel comfortable with. Purple Moon was the only school we visited that he did not cling to my leg during the tour, and actually cried when we had to leave (I visited almost all of the local NoPo schools). It is warm, colorful and sweet. My son has learned so much, he has amazing manners (thank them, not me...)

We have been there for over 2 years, and loving it! I HIGHLY recommend it.

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