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Religion after kids

Erica's post got me to thinking about how my attitude toward religion has changed since I had kids. My beliefs are basically the same as they always were -- I'm a pretty secular gal -- but I do find myself drawn to the traditions of organized religion. Something else, too...I find religion connects me to the older generations of my family, if only by association.

My parents taught me very little about my religious and cultural background. It never mattered to me until now, when I find myself totally unequipped to answer my kids' questions about our beliefs and history. I'm scraping along, but it's pretty seat of the pants sometimes.

And so, I'm looking into religious education for my kids (Sunday school sort of thing). I hope to learn along with them. I also hope that, whatever religion they ultimately follow (or not), they will understand the religion they were born into -- even if our family doesn't subscribe to the particulars. They'll at least have a starting point from which to begin their exploration.


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I wasn't raised with any religion, but in high school I decided to become Catholic. (I had a great group of friends who are Catholic.) After college I wasn't so strong in my practice. I guess you could say I "lapsed". (Or some call it a "C & E Catholic: Christmas and Easter.)

When my daughter was in preschool school I enrolled her in a Catholic Montessori. And then in Catholic grade school. I still didn't find a connection in our neighborhood parish. When we enrolled in her a different Catholic school is when I found a great community to practice my faith.

Since joining the newer parish, I feel such a strong connection to Catholicism and to the community. I have to say, not all parishes meet everyone's needs. You have to find the community you click with. Once you do, it is like a homecoming of sorts. I look forward to attending Mass when I used to see it as an obligation. Our priest calls Holy Days of Obligations "Holy Days of Opportunities." So true.

Best of luck on your journey.

The religion discussion has been so cool! I love to hear everyone's thoughts. As for us, I follow an anarchistic, non-heirarchichal tradition called Reclaiming. (Starhawk is one of the best known authors in Reclaiming.) There is an EXCELLENT book for kids called Circle Round, with descriptions of the history of each holy-day, stories, songs, activites, baking projects, etc. I use it in my classroom too. It's really universal, focusing on the turning of the seasons that we all experience, and some of the ancient ways they were celebrated. So one pagan (pre-Christian) name for the holy day we just had is Yule, and that's what we celebrate at home. It's basically Christmas without The Big Ho, (Santa.) It's the old Northern European name for Christmas, which is pretty cool for us, because that also happens to be or cultural heritage. There is Father Winter, who might bring small suprises, but he's more of a seasonal character than a commercial figure. Yule means "wheel;" it is a celebration of the return of the light on the solstice, and the stories that accompany it are stories from all over the world that deal with the rebirth of the sun (son.) So we have a Yule tree, and Fionn knows the story of "baby Jesus," (thanks Grandma) among many other stories representitive of the birth of the sun. There are 8 annual celebrations/gatherings in PDX to converge with our community, and we do simple rituals at home. Fionn is going to a Waldorf school next year, and I think the Christian stuff that seeps into his classroom will fit, in a strange way, with our traditions at home. Man, I went on...sorry...one of my favorite subjects.

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I'm new here but hope we'll have interessting discussions in future!
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