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Morning Coffee Playdate

When I'm home with my two boys, I pour myself a cup of coffee in the morning.  Just as I'm about to sit down and have a sip, the toddler will bother me with a request for "something to eat" and insists I sit "right there" to play trains.  So, I put the cup down and tend to his needs.  Ready to sit down for another sip, the infant will start fussing.  A dirty diaper?  Morning nursing?  It's always something.  Between the two of them, I do this dance of picking up the coffee cup to take a swig, but before I do, I'm pulled away.  Duty is always calling.  Needless to say, I tend to nuke the coffee it two or three times during the day without being able to enjoy it while it's hot, sometimes sadly it remains without being drunk.  Does this happen to you?  This Friday, I'm making sure that I get my morning caffeine.  Any mamas interested in meeting up at Urban Grind?  It's an urbanMama favorite meeting place - good coffee, large space with couches and toys for the kidlets.  I'm thinking about heading over there this Friday, Dec. 16 at around 10 am with my two boys.  Perhaps I will see you there!

Urban Grind Coffeehouse and Roasters

2214 NE Oregon St
Portland, OR 97232
(503) 546-0649


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Sounds great! Kate and I will likely be there, but late. We usually go to the 9:30 storytime at Woodstock on Fridays.

How fun! Ethan and I will try to be there too.

Sounds like lots of fun, but Friday's are hard for us. Post again if you go on a Wednesday or over a weekend. I would love to meet some urbanmama's! I don't mean to take over your post, but I wanted to share another place we like to go:

Bipartisan Cafe
(503) 253-1051
7901 SE Stark St
Portland, OR 97215

They have enough room to get a stroller in and toys for kids to play with. We walk there quite often and always see other families with kids eating and playing. They have great coffee, yummy quiche and don't seem to mind the kidlets. But, they don't take plastic, so be sure to bring some cash.

an OMSI playdate has been rearranged to be an Urban Grind playdate, so milo and i will see you there!

We typically venture to OMSI on Fridays as well. This will be a nice change of pace.

Blair: You are so good to bring Kate to Storytime. The last time Carter went was with his papa and he thought for sure they were going to kick him, our two friends and their sons out as well for all of the ruckus they caused.

it was great to see everyone this morning! we had a wonderful time :) hope we can do it again sometime soon!

i second what jj said! what a fun way to wind down the week. and what adorable kids everyone has!

A sign of a successful playdate is if Carter sleeps, and indeed he did! After telling everyone that he doesn't nap anymore ;-) He was also telling me on the drive back home "share with Kate".

Andy: We might take you up on the Bipartisan Cafe. Also, if you're interested in planning a playdate in a public place, please let me know, and I'd be more than happy to post it!

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