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Getting Groomed

Someone just asked me: "Where do you go to get the girls' hair cut?"  'Tis the season to get primped and pretty for the holiday photo shoot or pictures with Santa!  To my knowledge, there are only two kid-oriented hair spots in the metro area:

Kid's Castle Cuts
10120 SW Hall Blvd # 104
Tigard, OR 97223
(503) 244-0360

Kuts 4 Kids
4423 S.E. Hawthorne Blvd
Portland, Oregon   97215
(503) 238-1568

Does anyone have experience with either of these?  Share your stories!  Philly has been to the Castle Cuts with her grandparents, and she apparently had a great time.  She came back with a neat cut, jumping up and down because she got to sit in a Barbie car (*icks).  Whatever.  It got the job done painlessly.  It probably cost more than we usually spend on a kiddie cut. 

We normally go into the Great Clips on NE Broadway.  The stylists there have always been quick and friendly enough for our little people.  It also takes a good daddy to be the booster seat.  Raph usually holds Philly in his lap and coaches her through the entire thing, tells her jokes and stories, and basically keeps her still and occupied so the stylist can focus on the work.  We usually spend about 8 bucks for a cut that takes no more than 20 minutes.  Sometimes it's worth it to just go there to get her hair de-tangled; they are so quick with the comb!


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We take Andrew to Rudy's on SE Division. I think it's $10 for the "buzz cut" and Vinnie is particularly quick so that it's all over and done with in a matter of 2-3 minutes. Andrew's only had 3 haircuts so far but now he's pretty seasoned and will sit still and watch in the mirror as Vinnie works his magic. Vinnie also has a QUICK response time and will jerk away the shears or scissors if Andrew makes a sudden unexpected move. Two thumbs up from us!

Seems you need to make an appointment for Kid's Castle Cuts, and Kuts for Kids is closed on Sunday. Both cons for those who aren't good at planning ahead (like me). Carter's gotten a buzz cut at Rudy's as well. It was really cute, but it was a traumatic experience. The last place he went to was SuperCuts off of SE Powell. I wasn't there to witness the experience, but he came home with a balloon and sucker, and a huge smile on his face despite being a bit teary-eyed during his haircut. We might take him to the training salon on SE Division next time. The kiddo's hair grows too darn quick!

We head to Kid's Castle Cuts. Jackson's haircut is $15 (not including tip) and yes, you do need to make an appointment. Also, it is a hike to get there. We went there for Jackson's first appointment and, because he had such a great time (he usually goes for the Pink Jeep), we continue to go back. Because I'm always trying to get an appointment as soon as possible, I have to take which ever cutter is first available. I do prefer some of the haircutters over others; but, Jackson has been happy with all. The last time we got his hair cut, he was talking about it all day in school because he knew we were heading there after school. So, it winds up being a fun afternoon activity. Yes, it would be nice if they could somehow get rid of some of the hair that makes its way over to the toys; but, I try to ignore it while I am there.

THANK YOU!! I've been struggling with my 13 month old's hair for months now. I always hear about Kids Castle on the Sesame Street commercial but wasn't sure about it.

Found you via a bunch of other places (can't remember now..) and am happy to see a fellow PDXer!

We're generally happy with the Hollywood Supercuts. $11 or $12 for a kid's cut, friendly staff, and a balloon or toy as a treat at the end. Also, you can call ahead and put your name in the queue so the wait isn't so long. I especially like Patti.

I have taken both my boys to the Kids Castle Cuts and I really like it. It is `15 dollars a cut, but it is worth it.
They have fun, well cared for toys and a great - very comfortable - sitting area. They have Barbie cars, Jeeps and old fashioned style car seats for the kids to sit in, and each station has a video screen.

All of this AND the kids get good hair cuts. It is a great experience and honestly my kids NEVER enjoyed getting a trim before.

I just took Ava to Kuts 4 Kids and even though we were the LAST appointment on Friday and 30 minutes late due to horrendous traffic we were still treated so nicely. The cut was $12 without tip. Ava didn't boo hoo once. She even let the woman blow dry her hair. Wow. The woman gave us a book to thumb through and I let Ava pick out the haircut she wanted. Admittedly it wasn't what I owuld have picked out but Ava has been getting so many compliments and she feels like such a big girl.

My little guy's hair didn't need a 'real" cut until age 2 1/2, when we had a family gathering to attend. We took him to Cuts 4 Kids on Hawthorne, and had a great experience. $12 for the cut. It was a very informal environment, with a bunch of old toys to play with while waiting--but kids don't notice or care about the condition of the toys, they just enjoy them. The owner was just great with my little screamer, and he was happy in my lap and didn't get upset at all. We skipped the "bib", and talked about what she was doing. Watched a viedo, too. She gave him a perfect cut that made me wonder why I'd waited so long to cut it in the first place!

OK, so in the last week or so, I think we're up to 7 times that someone has said to either me or my husband "...oh, she's darling..." or "...how old is she?"

We don't dress Anders in pink things, and since he so into trucks and trains, lately most of the t-shirts he wears have a truck, train, airplane or something pretty "boyish" on them. So, I've decided it's probably his hair that is making everyone think our little guy is a little girl!

I'm a little sad about it, but I guess maybe it's time for a haircut...it will be nice for summer too--those really hot days last week made me think about it too. I'll just miss those yummy little blonde curls!

Anymore suggestions? Based on the discussion above, I'm thinking about visiting Kuts 4 Kids one day this week unless anyone else has a great recommendation in N/NE?

This is my first post to UrbanMamas, though I've been reading for quite some time. I just had to write about Little Clippers in Lake Oswego. Granted, it's a bit of a jaunt from NE Portland, but they are right off the freeway and certainly no further than Kids Kastle Kuts. Same basic concept: cars, airplanes, etc. to sit in, videos to watch, great play area for before and after. Costs $15 for a cut, but it's worth it for a happy child and over an hour of play. They also do adult cuts while the kids play for those that can't seem to get away by themselves for a trim. It's much easier to get a walk-in appointment there as well. We like to get our hair cut and go to Pizzacato next door for lunch afterwards.

I took T to Little Clippers in LO a couple of weeks ago for his first salon haircut. He was just over 11 months at the time. They did a great job and it was quick and painless for him. He didn't even flinch when they brought out the electric clippers. Since it was his first salon haircut, they gave him a certificate afterwards with a lock of his hair attached in a plastic baggie. He also got a balloon and the haircut was just $14. Definitely a fantastic deal after trying to give him a haircut myself a few weeks earlier. Can anyone say "bowl haircut"??

Thought I'd post the website: www.littleclippers.com

Liz and Kelly at Chameleon (7015 N Greeley, between Portland and Lombard) are both good with kids and there are toys to play with, too. They take drop-ins or call 503-284-6319.

I take both my girls to Kid's Castle Cuts. They love playing before and after, picking which chair to sit in and then having hair pretties and sparkles added when they are done! It is only a couple more dollars than Great Clips and they are trained to work with children. We have never had a bad haircut!!

Thanks for the recommendations here. We took Ethan to Kids Castle Cuts to get his very first "real" haircut (read: not mama's hack job) just before his birthday and he loved it! He was so great the whole time and actually started crying when we had to LEAVE. He just wanted to stay and play with everyone there! Robyn cut his hair and she is GREAT with toddlers (we watched her give another 2-year-old boy's haircut before Ethan's turn).

We made the trek to Kids' Castle Cuts several months ago for our son's long-delayed first haircut. It was a great cut and a great experience! I was especially pleased that they were able to take us on a walk-in basis with almost no wait (though this may not be the norm), and the price was much more reasonable than anticipated. If only it weren't all the way out in Tigard... Thanks AmyS for the lead on a NoPo alternative.

When we first moved to Portland I took my daughter to Kuts 4 Kids on Hawthorne because it was close to our house. Emma was in a phase just then (2.5 years old? 3?) when she identified as a boy and wanted a boy's haircut. When I told that to the haircutter, she seemed put off and wasn't very nice about it. She kept trying to suggest a "bob" and I kept re-affirming with Emma that she wanted a "real" boy's haircut. It was uncomfortable, and we didn't go back. In retrospect, I should have talked about it with her on the phone when I made the appointment.

We just took our son (11.5 months old) to Little Clippers in Lake Oswego. It was a great experience - fast, painless, and fun plus they are open 7 days a week. He laughed and smiled through the whole thing (and loved sitting in the red car).
It was a bit of a schlep from NE, but they tell us they have a new Clackamas location that will be more convenient. It doesn't show up on their website, but it's near Clackamas Town Center. Just call them to get more info: 503-620-0240
Two thumbs up for Little Clippers!

The Clackamas Little Clippers ph.# 503-353-9999

Maybe I am insane, but doesn't this seem like a good do-it-yourself project? I know it was for my mom.

Unless I want my kid to look like a mini GI- I would rather spend the $15 to get it cut. It isn't worth the frustration to me for him to walk around with a chopped up, uneven cut.

On the NPDX mama yahoo group, folks have been recommending Heather at Stella's Barbershop (on N Interstate and Lombard): http://portland.tribe.net/recommendation/stellas-barbershop-and-salon-on-Interstate-in-Portland/portland-or/e33a59f0-b61d-47c4-8611-c32beffe72e8

We have done some home cuts, and I think our next cuts will be the sort that we do in the kitchen with newspaper sprawled out everywhere.

I have had excellent experience with castle cuts. I have taken my nephew and son and have always done walk ins. I have never waited longer than 20 mins. The kids don't care because the toys are great!

I take my kids to Kids Kuts in Gresham, they do a great job. Even if your child doesnt sit still and moving around they move around with them. Ive been taking my son there. Hes four now, but thats the only place i take him. They do a great job, and when they're done getting a hair cut, they get a little lollipop! Ask for ANGEL shes awesome!

For those in Hillsboro/Beaverton, there is a new kids salon open in the Streets of Tanasbourne calle Pigatils and Crewcuts. I WILL NOT BE GOING BACK. My son didn't even get his haircut. We went in and were the only ones waiting; a little girl came in a few minutes after us. After about 5-10 minutes of the two owners and the sytlist standing there, they then told me it was my son's turn. After getting him away from the train table, I was told that is actually wasn't his turn as another child was going walking to the door. Okay, these things happen. While this child is having his haircut, their neighbors come in and as my son's turn was approaching, I was once again told we would have to wait. NO- we were not waiting and abrupty left. I was hoping to have somewhere close to home for cuts, but it looks like we will be treking back down to Castle Cuts.

I took my son to Pigtails & Crewcuts in the Streets of Tanasbourne and was MORTIFIED! When we went in we were the only ones waiting and watched as the stylist practically roughed up and bossed around the little girl she was working on. "Stop moving around!!! If YOU keep moving then I HAVE to strain MY neck." That was just one of the many "gems" we heard from the stylist. Her tone and mannerisms towards children gave me the chills. Needless to say, we left without my son getting his haircut. I was really hoping to have somewhere close to home for cuts, but we will continue to go to Little Clippers in Lake Oswego. They are extremely "kid-friendly" and my son has never had a bad experience there.

I took my 4 year old daughter to castle cuts today and her hair turned out cute. The stylist was very good with kids, and was very patient. My only complaint would be that the place seriously needs a good cleaning.....the whole place from the toys to the bathroom was really grimy. They have also raised the prices to $17.00 before tip. I really appreciate the advice on the streets of tanasbourne place, I won't even try that now!

My two girls have been to some of the places talked about here, with varied results. I found a place that just opened over the summer in Wilsonville, though, that is great! Whipper-Snippers has a cool kind of kid "vibe" and seems really, really clean (unlike some of the other kids salons we have visited). The stylist was friendly and the cuts were cute and not too expensive. The girls got sparkles and watched movies and just really didn't want to go home. They have a big play area in the front of the shop. We made appointments for their next cut before even walking out the door!

I took my daughter to Kids Kuts in Gresham after reading some positive reviews. That place was awful!! First of all, the woman did not talk to my daughter one time. (She's only 6 and is a little bit shy, so this woman's personality didn't make her feel welcome.) She didn't ask her what her name is, how old she was, or anything at all. Not even a smile. Also she jerked her head around and combed through her hair in a very rough manner. There is nothing kid-friendly about this place, unless you count the dirty baby toys in the cramped waiting area. The price is also too much--$19, and my daughter doesn't even have long hair or anything. They do not accept debit or credit cards either.

Whipper-Snippers in Wilsonville is fantastic!! Very clean, great customer service and the stylists were great, seemed happy to be working with children. Very patient. $17 and well worth it. Defenitley will be back.

I love the haircuts my son gets from Kuts 4 Kids, but I've had a terrible time getting them to call me back over the last 7 months or so. I finally tried the Gresham Kids Kuts, but didn't like the cut and didn't think of was particularly fun or kid friendly-- not worth the drive from NE Portland, for sure.

We found a place in West Linn called Sit Still Kids http://sitstillkids.com/
We've taken our 20 month old son there twice and I'd highly recommend it. They did a great job cutting his hair, especially with his cowlick. Scissors, no razor which was nice.

They have the TVs, seats shaped like cars, etc. But it's also very clean, friendly professional staff and the atmosphere is fantastic.

Just tried the place in Wilsonville, Whipper Snippers and totally agree with the posts here. Great! I appreciate the referral because its hard to know where to go for good kid cuts.

We have only had great experiences with Kuts 4 Kids! All three of my kids (2 boys, 1 girl) love to go there and Tamie has been very responsive to my requests for specific cuts.

i am going to get my hair cut soon...
what are some cute hairstyles that arent too short
(i need to be able to put my hair up for cheerleading & i dont want my hair above my shoulders)
links would be greatly appriciated :] thanks

I wish I had a dedicated children's hairstylist near me. It would be great for the kids to have a few baby toys to play with while they waited, instead being slumped on the chair looking bored with the wait!

My 6 year old has been going there since he first started needing hair cuts. He absolutely LOVES the place! They have different cars or airplanes that the kids sit in for their cut. They have tvs on the walls with movies playing (toys, cars, spongebob). and they have a huge pile of toys and thomas trains to play with afterwards. He always gets soo excited each time he needs a haircut because he knows he is going there. Now, he just needs a simple buzz cut, so I can't comment on how well they do on higher maintenance styling needs, but they are great for us. Highly recommend.

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