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Saturday Morning Runs

Recently the other mamas of this blog and I ran Run Like Hell.  You can read all about it from Portland's very own Sarah Gilbert on blogging baby.  Now that it's over, we're still committed to continuing this tradition (two solid months of mamas meeting up to run could be construed as such).  It's transpired into a social event where we run and chat.  It's fun, and very casual.  Each mama is extremely supportive. 

Here's how it works, one of the mamas sends out an email with a suggested route and decides where to meet, and then come Saturday morning we head off for our run.  We like to run in Portland - in Forest Park, along the waterfront, in North Portland along the Williamette - whereever our heart desires.  Sound like something you'd like to do?  Interested in being added to email group?  Then, send me an email!


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