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Knitty Knitty Bang Bang

Are you a knitty mama?  I'm not.  But, I do know that there are lots of knitting mamas out there!  Some of our pdx mama bloggas on the left are some knitting mamas, including Knitting Mama Phenom, StitchMarker Mama, Semaphoria, to name a few.  Who else?  Any ideas for some classes, events, or resources intown for a newbie like me?


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I have been really wanting to learn how to knit, so hopefully some other moms out there have some resources for classes! I'll be checking back.


I am certainly no knitting guru. But, when I do find time to knit, I do love going to Mabel's Cafe and Knittery (http://www.mabelscafe.com)at 3041 SE Division when I find time for a knitting project. The staff is helpful and friendly, the coffee is Stumptown, and there is a kid-friendly area with books, toys and a cozy couch.

Unfortunately, I'm no longer walking distance to Mabels; but, I'll probably continue make the trek from NE to SE for my knitting needs. They also have quite a few classes listed on their calendar.

Overlook has a new knitting shop, The Naked Sheep (http://www.thenakedsheepknitshop.com/), at 2142 N. Killingsworth. Classes, supplies, and Knit Nite on Thurdays 6-9. All this and its just up the street from Sohbet Coffeehouse!

add me to the list of Mabel's lovers. Yes, I've only been here a week and a half, but I'm so excited to have that within walking distance. Milo's already addicted to steamers, and loves the toys, which allows me to at least get a couple rows of knitting done before he gets antsy.

Yarn Garden on Hawthorne also has a bazillion classes, and a fabulous yarn selection.

There is a new knit shop on Alberta (2140 NE Alberta) called Close Knit. They just opened last week. Went by there yesterday and they were very friendly and helpful. The woman who owns it lives in Grant Park. They are going to have free knitting night on Wednesdays. She mentioned that some of the first classes they offer will be beginning classes in how to knit and how to crochet since that's what everyone seems to be asking for.

Hi knitting Mamas, Odyssey hospice is looking for volunteers to work from home to knit booties, gloves, shawls, lap blankets ext.. for Odyssey Hospice patients. Our patients benefit from warm things made from the heart and we often have donated materials to use for the projects. Please email me at bbennett@odyshealth.com or call me at 503-574-2900 if you would be interested in helping. Warm regards~ Brony

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