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What's For Dinner?

That's always the question at 5pm. And, kids are already hungry. I will be the first to admit that I steal extra snickerdoodles from office meetings just to feed them to the girls to hold them over until dinner is ready. Or, frozen soy cream sandwiches are just the thing for hot summer days. Keeps them busy but makes them messy. The other night, when I pulled out two blocks of tofu to make a quick stir-fry, our 19-month old was screaming, "Foe-Foo! Foe-Foo!" I had to cut up some tofu for her right on the spot and she ate it immediately, cold and all.

So, really: What is for dinner? I know many a mom who swears by frozen dinners. If you go with another mom, it's can be a fun assembly session. There is usually just one fee, and you get all the ingredients, freezer containers, and several dishes. Just pop in the oven and serve.

Here's a quick run-down of these freezer-dinner-prep-groups:

Dream Dinners is a huge nationwide operation. They've got locations in SW Portland, Clackamas, or Tualatin. The assembly sessions run 60-90 minutes and will result in 12 entrees (each entree serves four to six adults). The cost is $200 for the 12 meals. They seem to have tons of sessions on Thursdays, and also a good variety on Wednesdays through Saturdays.

Dinner Voila is run by two sisters, one in Eugene and one in Portland. They have two sessions per month in each location, and I believe they are held in their homes. The sessions usually land in the middle of the month. Menus are creative and fresh. They do all the planning, prep, and clean-up. You make six entrees (each entree serves four to six adults). The cost is under $90 for the 6 meals.

What's for Dinner is the most luxurious of all. You place an order, and the professional staff assembles your freezer dinners and delivers them to you. They are delivered frozen and are plopped right into your fridge. Delivery is free within a 15-mile radius of downtown Portland. You get a selection of 10 entrees (each entree serves 2 adults), and the cost is $135 per order. Additional entrees can be added at $11 per entree. This is the life!

I really do love to make me a great homecooked meal, though. So, check out FamilyFood for great tips and ideas for fresh, creative, straightforward cooking tips!


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