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Supply and Demand

We've been really supportive of our local baby store, frequenting it from it's inception. However, enough is enough. Last Friday, I stopped by to restock our dwindling supply of diaper liners (which are flushable AND biodegradable). "Sorry, we are out. Stop by on Saturday, or Tuesday." That's when I directed my husband to stop at Milagros Boutique (thanks to fellow blogger, mama and friend for the tip)! A busy Saturday morning combined with illness wiped out any chance for us to drop by this highly recommended baby store in NE this past weekend. Giving it one final shot, my husband dropped by our neighborhood baby store again, on the off chance of a delivery. Was it coincidence they were out? I can understand if it was coincidence that the store be out of stock of a few items every once in awhile, but every time we stop by? Sadly, I have to admit they’ve been unreliable. This is the fourth time I've stopped by for diaper liners and they've been out. On two occasions prior, they were out of the much loved Fuzzi Bunz diapers. Guess who will be getting our business now? After coming up empty handed, my husband trekked to NE to pick up our stash for the next few months at Milagros. I think it's time to say asta la vista to Mother Nature's and take our business to NE. We definitely will be stopping by Milagros more often. Now, that we've been assured that they will always have Kushies in stock. It only makes sense when it seems you can only buy this item at a couple of stores in town.


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