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Everyone's Doing It

Sunday was a typical day living with a toddler.  Typical as in waking up before the break of dawn, translating grunts into wants and needs, and knowing when to just go with the flow.  You learn that even though you are the parent, there is no such thing as rationalizing with someone that cannot yet comprehend this  concept.  "No" only goes so far.  At this age, when the babe wants something and only wants that very thing, not a single distraction can placate his need for that certain thing.  This back and forth exchange of pointing and grunting accompanied by baby signing "please" is less than satisfactory ending with one or both parents saying "no".  Tempers flare, enough for him to bang his head on the floor, ending up with a bloody nose. 

By 9:30 am, we have already exhausted all possible activities that could happily occupy our busybody.  A bored toddler equals a endlessly, whinny toddler which tries the patience of any good parent.  In the summer, we're usually in the backyard as soon as the babe wakes.  He can easily amuse himself for hours exploring in the backyard.  With the fall and the weather not always too cooperative, this is nothing short of being a disastrous scenario. 

The phone rings.  A reprieve.  A play date at OMSI.  I have to admit that this was our very first visit, but my son gives it two thumbs up. He loved the sandbox and playing with the dump trucks.  The grocery carts proved fun pushing around.  He loved the small houses which he crawled in and out of, opening and closing the windows and doors, again and again and again.  This was the perfect activity for a restless toddler.  A successful outing for me could only mean one thing, a tired babe drifting off into a deep slumber on the short drive home. 

OMSI is indeed a popular rainy day expedition.  For all the positive aspects of OMSI being the near perfect destination for a rainy day excursion, it was especially busy and noisy.  I felt myself being overwhelmed from the buzz of activity, which could only mean that the little guy was feeling it too.  While there are lots to do, however, I suspect that our active son may grow tired of the limited activities unless they rotate out.  I'm searching for other activities to keep my little one busy this fall and winter especially when the weather doesn't cooperate. Any ideas?


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