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Yoga Studios

I work full-time outside of my home. So, the only time for me to work-out, exercise, or enjoy some time for myself is duing my lunch break. I work in Old Town/Chinatown. Luckily, I have a group of midday running buddies who keep me on my toes: we run up to Washington Park or around the River. Outside of that, though, I am looking for more places to maintain some level of fitness. I've discovered a few yoga studios, but - IMHO - classes are expensive, ranging about $10-15 per class. You can buy a card, which can reduce your per-class cost down to maybe $8. Some studios have introductory specials that can be more affordable, so I want to highlight those here. And, since I am only usually available for lunch-hour sessions, this original list will focus on establishments close to my OTCT office. I am interested, however, in hearing about more yoga studios on the Eastside, in case I can ever escape my house for an hour or two in the evenings or on weekends.
Yoga In The Pearl: ever so popular! They've got a $15 introductory special that gets you three classes. What a bargain! Also, check out the Chinook Book for a 10%-off coupon. Yoga Bhoga: For Christmas, I got a one-week special for $20. Not so bad. I was able to fit in two intense classes, a real bang for my buck at $10 per 1.5 hour class. They have student/unemployed rates for $5 per class. Their instructors were sweet, motivating, and well-practice. I was impressed! They're located in the Galleria Buiding downtown, btw. Holiday's Yoga Center: I haven't been here yet, but I intend to go! They're at SW 3rd and Washington, downtown. They don't have an intro special, but the four-class card is $36. Nine bucks a class is within my reasonable limit.


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Hey UMs!
I teach the MAMAlates! postpartum Pilates class in SE Portland. I am looking to teach a class on the west side as well but don't really know the area. Do any of you SWUM know of a great Yoga/ movement space that would be perfect for postpartum moms and babies? Thank you!

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