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Picky Eaters

Ok. Seriously. How am I going to get my 4 year old to eat well and nutritiously? She's so picky and can live off peanut butter sandwiches and milk. She doesn't eat fresh fruit or vegetables. She loves 100% fruit leathers, though!


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I think I remember the Dr. Sears "Baby Book" has some advice on this. I remember noodles with butter were a big hit. She liked beans also. Even cooked broccoli. Garden burger stuff was good too. FYI - their riblets are totally addictive. Probably a little spicy for baby but cut up in some rice with broccoli for mom and dad and you've got a taste sensation - its like beef and broccoli but no junk. I'll ask my husband if he remembers anything we used to lure our little one into eating then. I remember this ime and it does pass. But do keep trying because of the fat being important for their brain development : )

Texture! The concept is new to little ones and while they want to be like mom and dad and eat "big boy" food sometimes they just can't get the hang of having to chew food. I would recommend laying out a variety of finger foods on the high chair tray and let him have a go at it. Depending on how much is on the floor, walls, tray and him when he is done ... he still may need some baby food. He WILL get the hang of it and he WILL eat when he is hungry! :)

We use avocado, cheese, toast with butter, cut vegi's in butter, cream soups, etc.

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