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Kaiel Montessori

4536 SE Brooklyn
Portland, OR


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Kaiel Montessori is a program run by a woman with a BA and MA in Education according to the information she sent me. I think she runs the program in her home at 4536 SE Brooklyn. I have called to schedule a visit to meet her (Colleen Kaiel) and see what her program offers. Colleen Kaiel has been running this program for 16 yrs and I figure it is really scary or really good. I am hoping for really good.

Kaiel Montessori was my preschool from the time I was 3 to the time i was 5! She was the best techer I ever had to this day! I think she is the reason i do so well in school! She is nurturing but is also great at teaching. I would recomend this montessori to anyone!

We love having our daughter at Kaiel Montessori! She has learned so much and has become an independent little girl. Plus she helped us potty train her. It's also very affordable.

You would be hard pressed to find a better pre-school in Portland. Our daughter has been there 3 years--she loves school, loves her teacher, and loves to learn. Plus she is already reading!!!

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