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Trillium Preschool has openings for school year 2012-2013!

July 02, 2012

Trillium Preschool is hosued inside Trillium Charter School in North Portland at N. Interstate Ave. and N. Killingsworth. We are currently enrolling for the upcoming school year!

We are a Reggio-inspired program working in a constructivist way: we view and value children as capable and curious learners and see the role of the teacher as a partner in that learning. We enjoy a low child-teacher ratio, ongoing professional development, a beautiful and engaging environment and the joy of childhood!

We have options for full time and part time, mornings or full days. Call or email to schedule a tour and visit us. You are welcome!

Our website and contact information: http://trilliumcharterschool.org/preschool/



Looking for some Mama Advice

November 30, 2010

Our family is moving to Portland this summer and I am looking at schools.  My boys will be in 2nd and 3rd grade next year.  Neighborhood doesn't matter, we will live near the school we select. We loved Trillium and SouthWest Charter School but want to have some alternatives.  My oldest would be considered TAG, the younger has some slight delays.  What's the word on Portland public schools?  We are looking for a school that stresses the arts, educating the whole child, experiential education, etc.  Something as "alternative" to the soul crushing model used in most public schools as we can get - sorry, soap box.  Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated, even if it is "avoid this school at all costs"!  Thanks!  You can contact me at udune@comcast.net.

New Trillium Kindergarteners?

July 30, 2010

My son is going to start kindergarten at Trillium Charter School the Fall 2010 and I would like to find other children / families that will be in his class to help the transition.  We moved up here this past year and he was in a small Waldorf-inspired preschool in a tiny rural town before this so new friends would be great!  Feel free to email me.  We live in St. Johns.  Looking forward to meeting some of you...

Kat (mom to Quetzal) : email: babyom@gmail.com

Trillium Charter School - Cell Phone antennaes concerns

Are there any other mamas out there from Trillium that are concerned about all those cell phone antennaes on the water tower RIGHT NEXT to the play yard and the park play structure?  I am very concerned  - so much so it is making me reconsider sending my son there in the Fall for kindergarten.  Is there any talk about this among school parents?  There are so many... and so close to where the children play.

Any info or comments ?

Connect: Trillium Charter School

September 15, 2008

I was searching for some other parents perspective on the Trillium Charter school, Especially the Kindergarten program.  I have twin girls who are a year or so away from going to Kindergarten and am looking for some great places close in downtown or NW area.

Trillium Charter School
5420 N. Interstate Ave. Portland, OR 97217